Don’t be fooled by the NEW gym discount

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I was talking to my co-worker yesterday, she told me about how she just joined the new gym in town. It’s the first time she has ever joined a gym.

It’s always great seeing people start their journey to living a healthier life.

And joining a new gym with new equipment is a fun way to start.

Except for one thing.

They aren’t open yet!

I have been caught in that trap before.

The gym doesn’t open for over a month.

So I ask her. “What are you going to do until they open?”


I’ve done this several times. I joined a new gym for motivation to start working out again… but on both occasions the gyms weren’t opening their doors for months.

What happened?

My motivation died before the gym opened.

Like a helium balloon. After it’s filled up there is only one way for it to go, which is down.

And then when they were open I didn’t even feel like working out.


Getting started (signing up) is the hardest part.

So you have to start right away.

Not wait for them to open.

So what are you going to do up until that month starts?

  • Bodyweight home exercises
  • Start eating healthier
  • Walk every day or ride a bike
  • Find somewhere else to workout for the first month
  • A yoga or Pilates class

The one thing not to do is….

Sit at home and wait for it to open.

Getting started right away is the most important part.

Don’t postpone your health just because you don’t have somewhere to workout.

Life is short.

We don’t know how long we are here for.

Start changing your life now.

You don’t even need a gym to do so.

I don’t even have a gym membership.. I do all my workouts at home!

Just like these people here: http://darrenletourneau.com/beachbody-challenge/beachbody-challenge/


Darren Letourneau

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