Don’t be a Baby Elephant

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I was listening to a podcast, it was playing a story that Dave Ramsay was telling his leadership team.

He was talking about how the past can sometimes shape our minds.

Things that we hear when we are young tend to stick with us.

It may be something encouraging or discouraging.

Like someone telling us something is or isn’t possible.

He tells this story of a baby elephant in the circus.

When a baby elephant is brought into the circus it is still wild and untrained.

They drive a big iron steak into the dirt and they attach a big chain to the steak and to the baby elephant’s ankle. The baby elephant does everything it can to try to get loose but after a while decides to give up.

20 years later.

The Baby elephant is now an adult. Now it gets tied up with a tiny little steak with a small rope on it. This massive powerful elephant that could pull out the steak by simply walking away from it, doesn’t even try to.

Because inside he’s still a baby elephant that couldn’t get away and believes that he can’t get a way.

It is his belief.

This same thing holds everyone back from something different.

You may have tried a workout and couldn’t do it.

Maybe tried a diet that didn’t work.

The first step is to get out there and try again.

Just because you failed or didn’t like something the first time doesn’t mean that you won’t the second time.

People change over time and you’ve changed since the first time you’ve tried.

Give it another shot.

If it doesn’t work out at least you can say that you gave it 100%.

And now you can move on to something else.

If you believe that you can’t do it what makes you think that you would put 100% effort into it?

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Darren Letourneau


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