Does this Diet Cycle look familiar?

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Have you ever seen this diet cycle?
Start Diet – Excited that it’s going to work this time, started counting calories and reducing them, adding a fun new exercise program and starting to drop a few pounds. YEAH it’s working!
10-14 Days in – Everything was going great but now the cravings are starting to kick in.
Temptation Frustration – It seems like everyone is trying to tempt you. Everything smells so good and you’re thinking this diet really sucks. It’s time to go out with friends but they aren’t cutting calories. They are eating pizza and wings, having dessert … you give in and just have a little bit. It’s ok because you’ve worked so hard… Right?
Feeling Guilty – Guilt sets in and you start to spiral. That little temptation turns into a full out gorge on food. You give up and say you’ll just start next month.
Repeat Cycle.
So why does this happen all the time?
Because it’s impossible to cut calories without cutting out nutrients.
Wei.ght loss becomes a by-product of good nutrition.
When your body is nutrient deficient you are low on energy, irritable, in a fog and get cravings.
And even worse….
Deficiency has been shown to cause an 80% increase in the likelihood of:
  • becoming overweight or obese
  • linked to higher risk of other dangerous and debilitating diseases including resistance to infection, birth defects, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis.
And even in a perfect world eating whole foods we still wouldn’t get the nutrition our bodies need.
That’s why my family drinks the nutrient dense Shakeology every day.
Because our health is the most important thing.
Without it there is nothing else.
Is your health worth it? Find out more here http://darrenletourneau.com/shakeology/
Darren Letourneau
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