Did I just do a Ballerina Workout?

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After my workout yesterday I was thinking to myself.

What did I just do?

This guy that pumped iron in the gym with weights for 15 years is now doing something that resembles a Ballerina’s workout.

What made me think of this was the exercise called Relevé-Plié.

I don’t know what Tony Horton was thinking when he created this one.

It’s basically squats with a dumbbell while you are on your tipy toes.

Yeah I did that.

I’m amazed how many exercises I’ve done that are out of the norm.

It’s a great NEW way to challenge yourself.

The workout also has a lot of moves on one leg that make you focus on balance and your core.

Here are a few you can try if you are looking to add a bit more core to your workout.

Start with light or no weights

  • Shoulder press on one foot
  • one leg squats
  • bicep curls or hammer curls on one leg
  • bent over flys on one leg

You’ll improve your balance and core.

Don’t blame me if you’re sore tomorrow.

Darren Letourneau

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