Brittnie took the X out of P90X

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#transformationthursday… yeah it doesn’t have the same ring to it as #transformationtuesday.
But still..

I love seeing people change their lives for the better.

Gaining energy, feeling fit and healthy and make a full, lifestyle change that they can stay consistent with.

The best part is the increase in confidence that you see in people that have changed.

They can do so much more with their lives just from adding in a short workout and eating healthier.

Here is someone that just made a lifestyle change.

Brittnie lost 22 lbs. and 27% of her body fat!

Brittnie P90 Transformation

Brittnie admits to never really wanting to go to the gym to workout.

Many don’t want to go to the gym just because they aren’t comfortable working out in front of people.

She became comfortable with staying in and overeating or going out and not making the best nutrition choices.

Kind of sounds like what happens to a lot of us. Especially after getting married and having kids.

Consequently, she gained weight. She watched as her boyfriend made a lifestyle change and got healthy with P90X3.

Many times it’s only one of use that decides to change and we have to accept that our significant other or family member’s will change when they warm up to it.

Seeing him transform made her a little self-conscious and left her wishing there was a less extreme program to help kick start her journey.

Not everything is one size fits all. That may be the barrier that your loved one is facing and why they don’t want to join you on your journey just yet.

P90 was her solution, and now she’s ready to tackle P90X3 along with her boyfriend.

Finding something that is right for you is the most important part but also let them find a program that they are comfortable doing as well.

Remember… results vary on the person, consistency and effort that you put into it.

It’s an everyday process not a do it when you feel like it program.

Compare yourself to yourself, everyone starts at a different starting line.

Want to gain energy, feel healthier and gain confidence. Join the challenge group and start moving in the right direction. P90 is on sale till the 31st.


Darren Letourneau

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