Bandage isn’t the long term fix!

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I was reading this story.

There was this man that had a horse.

One day the horse scraped his leg on the fence.

He cleaned up the wound and bandaged it up.

A few weeks later he noticed that the horse was still bothered it and it wasn’t healing.

So he took the horse to the vet and was given some antibiotics.

The problem went away quickly but in a few weeks it came back again.

So the prescribed some more antibiotics.

The infection went away again.

A few weeks later it came back again.

Then they noticed that there was a splint of wood in its leg that was causing the infection.

This sort of thing happens around us every day.

Aches, pains or even illnesses that get bandaged up but the root of the problem is never corrected.

For years I had injured my back 3-4 times a year to the point that I could barely do anything.

Sometimes I would take something for the pain, heat and cold to get it back to health along with massage therapy.

But the problem kept coming back.

Or I would have to get a massage every month to prevent it.

Until I finally realized what the real problem was.

My hip flexor just got so tight from not taking the time to recover with stretching, Yoga, Pilates or foam rolling. Now that I’m taking time for recovery workouts and eating healthy along with Shakeology I’ve had minimal setbacks.

Sometimes the simplest things can make that much of a difference.

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Darren Letourneau


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