Are you planning a vacation or a life?

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I read this interesting quote from Jim Rohn the other day.

“The average person spends more time planning their two week vacation than their life.”

This is so true.

I don’t ever remember writing out a plan for my life until last year. But I do remember planning for vacations.

Any vacation has short term goals and long term goals.

Short term goals will be getting to point:

A – the airport

B – to the terminal

C – to a connecting flight

D – the destination airport

E – the hotel

And your long term goal was to get from A to E.

We’ll also ask ourselves questions like:

  1. What do I want to do? (excursions, restaurants, activities)
  2. Who do I want to be? (some people act differently on vacation)
  3. What do I want to see? (sightseeing)
  4. What do I want to have? (massage, other extras, all inclusive)
  5. Where do I want to go? (city, country, resort)



Yet when it comes to our life goals how many of these questions do we ask ourselves?

Have you set your goals for the month, the first quarter of 2015, midway point of 2015, next year, the next 5 years?

Or is where you are right now where you are going to be by this time next year?

Ask yourself

  1. What do I want to do? (get in better shape, improve strength, start a business)
  2. Who do I want to be? (what person do you want to become? Are you learning what you need to so you can become that person?)
  3. What do I want to see? (Planning any vacations? Meet up with long distance relatives, Travel during retirement)
  4. What do I want to have? (new car, latest workout program, education fund for your children, retirement savings )
  5. Where do I want to go? (Higher position at work? Move for a new position?)


Those are just a few things you can ask yourself.

Write all your goals down and then go through them and decide on how many years it would take you to achieve them.

Then stat to plan out what you will need to do to reach these goals. What will you have to learn to increase your potential for that new position, to get in shape, to start that business.


Do your goals include getting in better shape? Get the support and motivation. More info here about our next challenge group: http://darrenletourneau.com/bbchallenge/



Darren Letourneau


P.S. If your goal is to start your own business helping others then contact me for more info and we can see if coaching would be a fit for you.


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