Are some people cursed with FAT genes?

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So many people are cursed with FAT genes.

“Everyone in my family is fat so that’s why I’m fat.”

“I got my fat genes from my parents.”

It may feel like a curse for many but it really comes down to the way they were brought up.

The so called “curse” gets passed from generation to generation.

Each generation passes on bad eating habits and sometimes even makes them worse.

So it’s your choice. Are you going to pass them on or put a stop to it NOW?

You can start with simple things like:

  1. Eating slower and actually tasting your food. This will also give your stomach some time to tell your brain that you are full.
  2. When you put your food on your plate take some of it away before you start eating. This will cut down your portion sizes.
  3. Start filling up yourself with veggies first so you will tend to eat less.
  4. DO NOT go to the buffet!
  5. Start substituting junk foods with fruits and vegetables.

Four years ago I was 30lbs overweight eating cookies, ice cream and other junk every night. You would have been shocked to look in our pantry or freezer. I had no energy, was out of shape and sat in front of the TV for 3 hrs every night.

I decided it was time to make a change.

If I hadn’t then my kids would have probably adopted these habits as well.

It’s up to you to break the curse so your children don’t get it and pass it on to your grandchildren.

And if you don’t have kids.

Then maybe you can get rid of it before you do.

You can have a profound impact on generations to come.

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