Are changes in your DNA?

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Have you heard these 5 Myths about change?

Is it really in your DNA [genes]?

So many don’t even try because they’ve been told that it’s in their genes.

Is it the TRUTH? or Just an excuse?


5 Myths About Change:

1 – You can’t change on your own – Actually 75% of people change on their own (without the use of a doctor to help them change).

2 – Goals and resolutions are of little value – Focusing on goals and resolutions have proved to help people conquer some impressive obstacles in various areas of their lives.

3 – Willpower is required – It’s not the only key to changing.

4 – Genes determine whether you can change – Do you know anyone with a similar family that isn’t in the same situation as yourself? Just because someone’s parents are addicted, overweight, depressed doesn’t mean their children have to live the same lives. It’s not your fate just an obstacle.

5 – I’ve tried many times and it didn’t work – Just because you’ve tried before and it didn’t work doesn’t mean that a new method won’t work.

You can fear failure all day long but it’s going to give you ZERO chance of changing.

Trying another way will give you a better than zero chance.

What’s the point of giving up now?

You still have so many years left.

Why not live them with energy and passion?

What changes are you planning on making in 2015?


Darren Letourneau

Team Beachbody Coach

P.S Want some help making changes so you aren’t totally on your own? Contact me with the changes you would like to make and I can help you create a plan of action.

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