9 things you can learn from Marshal Mathers’ (Eminem’s) Transformation

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I just came across this celebrities transformation.

They always seem to be over the top.

Eminem was up to 230 lbs after rehab and had to get back in shape.

He began running 8.5 miles in the morning and 8.5 miles in the evening on the treadmill.

He was burning 2000 calories per day.


He was running so much that he started to get injured and the running began to tear his hip flexors.

What’s cool is he’s been working out with the Body Beast program and used a few others as well.

Here is part of the article

So when I was starting to dial back on the treadmill, I tried out some of those workout DVDs you do at home. One of the first ones was Shaun T’s Insanity workout. I know a lot of these DVD guys are wacky, but I’m alone in my gym; I need someone on the TV yelling to motivate me. Besides, some of this s___ is entertaining.

When I first started the Insanity workout, I alternated my routine, running one day and doing the Insanity the other. Then I stopped running altogether because it was too much to do them both. The Insanity won. After a while I started plateauing on that, so I mixed it up. I did the P90X for a little while (and I still do that ab workout because it’s the most challenging), but then I moved on to the Beast.

Now every morning before I go to the studio, I do the Body Beast workout with free weights, bench, and pullup bar at home. It’s just me, so it helps that the Body Beast dude is over-the-top. The routine is pretty intense, too. The first time I did the legs, I couldn’t walk for two days. Now I’m doing arms one day, chest the next day, legs the next, and I’m still functioning throughout the day. And I can finally do it without pausing the DVD.

I still hate pullups. They’re a _____, but I do them. I even fill out the log afterward. I guess I’m pretty compulsive working out. I feel like if I step away from it for too long, if I have a crazy week and take a five-day break, it’ll be like starting over. I’m afraid that if it goes beyond that, I might lose the motivation. Once you’re at a place where you’ve made progress and you’ve got some time invested in it, you don’t wanna quit and give up what you started. —as told to Mark Healy

Full article can be found here http://www.mensjournal.com/magazine/eminem-the-home-body-20150731

Here is the 9 things you can learn from Marshal Mathers’ (Eminem’s) Transformation

  • Don’t do drugs.
  • Running 17 miles a day isn’t a good way to get fit. (You need to include nutrition as well)
  • Change up your workouts so you don’t get overuse injuries.
  • Change up your workouts regularly so you keep challenging yourself.
  • Don’t take a week off because you’ll lose motivation.
  • Everyone stinks when they first start. (He had to pause the DVD to keep up)
  • There will be exercises that you’ll never like to do. (he still hates pullups)
  • Write it down! Like the Beast says. (Fill in the log with your weights)
  • When you feel like quitting… remember all the progress and time you’ve invested in it.

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