4 x 2 Minute Happiness Hacks for Success

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I was listening to an interview with Shawn Achor who is the Author of the Happiness Advantage [great book].

He was talking about happiness and how many people think that success comes before happiness when it’s actually the other way around.

When we reach success we are never happy because as soon as we reach success our brain changes what success it.

It’s kind of like when you hit a goal. If you are doing it right, once you hit that goal you will increase it or set a new goal. So the goal doesn’t last for long once it’s accomplished.

He was looking for some the smallest habits you could make that would have the biggest impact on your life.

Here are the 4 minute happiness hacks he came up with:

  • write down 3 new things you are grateful for. Think of new things each day not repeating the same thing each day. Write them down before you go to sleep at night. (when your brain scans for the positive it gets better at it and begins to do it more)
  • write bullet points about a positive experience from the past 24 hrs. This causes you to double the positivity of the experience since your brain reacts the same way whether it’s real or you are recalling it.
  • each morning write a quick thank you email to someone that has brought something positive into your life. This will also increase your social connection with these people.
  • watch your breath and concentrate on breathing in and out for 2 minutes.

Shawn says that he uses these hacks throughout the day as little energy breaks. He tries to space them out 1.5 hours from each other.

You don’t even have to do all of them for results.

Simply start with one of these each day and after 21 days you’ll notice a change in your outlook.

Do you use any of these happiness hacks?


Darren Letourneau

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