3 Tips to Crush Your Goals Next Year

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Wondering why those goals you set in January didn’t stick.

I know the feeling.

Being so determined at the beginning of the year.

Staying committed on the right path.

Then an obstacle gets in the way to derail you.

Mine was a vacation.

I was so used to my routine it was hard to get back to it afterwards.

Once that first bit of adversity comes along we start getting off track.

And looking for shiny objects/quick fixes to get back on track.

But they don’t work and we get frustrated.

Everything starts to go downhill from there and we have to start all over.

So how do you stay committed?

Here are some steps to stick to your goals for the year.

And I believe the last one is the most important.

  • Write it down in detail along with a plan that you will take to get there.
  • Work on it every day to keep the passion alive. By working on your goal every day it doesn’t seem like such a chore to accomplish. You can’t just wait for the weekend to work on your goal and make up for what you didn’t do all week.
  • Have an accountability partner you can talk to each day/week to stay on track. You don’t even have to be working on the same goal. Just someone to check in with that you have to be accountable to.

Start getting ready for 2015 now and get a head start.

Following a plan that is already proven to work cuts down the time it will take you to reach your goal. Learn more about our test group here: Max 30 Test Group


Darren Letourneau

Beachbody Coach

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