Why you should have a Success Partner

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I just finished listening to the Monday Beachbody Coach wakeup call about “Why you should have a Success Partner”. I have known that I’ve needed a success partner for a while but I’ve always been hesitant to have one because of the fear that it wouldn’t work for me or I would end up choosing the right one for me. I’ve started with a few people but it pretty much ended after a conversation or too. The fall classic has pretty much forced me to go out and get a success partner so hopefully this is what I needed for my business and I’ll soon find out. Here is what was talked about by Mindy Lawhorne and Michelle Myers on the Monday Sept. 29th 2014 wake up call.

Why you should have a Success Partner

Why you should have a Success Partner

Principal – How do you find a success partner? What to look for?

When you are looking for a success partner you should try to find someone that balances you out.

Thinks differently – Someone who thinks differently than you do so things that you may miss or not pick up on can be found or corrected by them.

Pushes you – Someone that is going to push you. You don’t want a cheerleader. Someone that is going to tell the truth and be honest with you.

Different strengths – By having different strengths you can help each other with their weaknesses.

Same direction – You should have similarities and be aiming for similar goals so you can run at the same pace. You don’t want someone that is walking while you are running.

Tough Questions – Someone that has the guts to ask you the tough questions.

Practice – Communication

Discuss the system you will use to communicate with each other. You could use facebook messenger, skype or email for daily interaction.

  • Once a week have a phone call, facetime or zoom chat with them so you can hear them.
  • Hold each other accountable to the goals each of you have set. Make sure to track your progress each month so you know what your goals should be for the following month. How are you helping your PS coaches grow daily? How many did you invite to coaching today? Did you read your Personal Development today? How many people are you contacting each day/week?
  • Use them as a sounding board for your ideas or ask them for suggestions.
  • Practice roll playing with them for presenting the business.
  • Talk about each other’s frustrations and help each other through the tough stuff.

“Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

People double and triple their SC pts during the team cup months. What if we did that every month.

Keep a documented list of how many people you’ve contacted each day.

Process – What can you do with your success partner?

  • Be in each other’s coach groups.
  • Combine challenge groups together into one group so you can take pressure off each other and share the load. Double the energy, double the participation, double the reach.
  • Take notes from PD and share them with each other. Read different books. These bullet points can be used for future webinars.
  • Do your system trainings together.
  • Run events, opportunity meetings, webcasts, and conference calls together.
  • You are stronger together, two people can do more than one person alone, work through bumps, learn and grow. The rewards are so great.

Those are some great tips and it seems like running a business will be so much easier with someone along the journey. If you notice all the top Beachbody Coaches have success partners. Go out and get one today!




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