Team Beachbody Canada Launch Party Toronto ON

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I just got back from the Team Beachbody Canada Launch party in Toronto Ontario. Like every beachbody event I had a great time getting to catch up with fellow coaches and meet some new ones as well. It’s always easy to find other coaches on the street and start up conversations because everyone is wearing their beachbody wear and share.

I met Daniel on the street from Quebec. He took a flight to Toronto just to be at the event. My buddy Miguel also came with his wife Erin from Winnipeg.

The day started off with a photo opp with the CEO Carl Daikeler. We heard from Beachbody representatives Arnold and Carl as well as Team Beachbody coaches …. Miguel Carraso and Barbie Decker. After the speaches there was a Q&A with Sagi Kalev.

Beachbody Canada Launch with Carl Daikeler

After the Q&A we did a Body Beast workout that really challenged us. Usually Sagi is known for his weight traingin routines from body beast but this was all bodyweight and we used a towel as well. We did exercises in pairs with the towel with one person doing bicep curls while the other doing a tricep pressdown. We also did a seasaw movement pulling against each other to work our lats. You can still get a great workout in with a towel and workout partner.


At the end of the workout Sagi divided the group in two and had each group stand on one end of the ballroom. He had us doing plank walks which is starting in plank and stepping forward with one hand then the other. After stepping with each had we would do a pushup. So many of us never though we would be able to do this but we were being cheered by the group at the other end of the room. It’s AMAZING what you can do with a support group cheering you on. Everyone made it to the other end. I think that I’m in pretty good shape and I still had a hard time doing it.

When you really push yourself you can do anything you put your mind to.

Beachbody Canada Launch With The Beast Sagi Kalev

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