Team Beachbody Affiliate Program

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Team Beachbody Affiliate Program

What is the Team Beachbody Affiliate Program?

The Team Beachbody Affiliate Program is Beachbody’s independent network of coaches that distribute their products and help clients reach their health and fitness goals. I know that sounds like a mouthful.

So basically, Instead of just providing people with links that they can send people to so they can sell Beachbody products, Beachbody has decided to make their affiliates coaches. As a coach we help people with their health and fitness journey so they get great results.

Why was Team Beachbody Network Created?

The reason that Beachbody decided to create this program as a network of coaches is because they noticed that people were buying their products but weren’t staying accountable and didn’t have the support that they needed to complete the programs. The team and Beachbody noticed that there were many people supporting each other in the forums that why not compensate these people and give them extra motivation to help others rather than have them do it for free.

How does the Team Beachbody Affiliate Program Work?

I’ll go through a demonstration of how the program works and how you can make an income with this affiliate program.

The first step is getting signed up as a coach. When you sign up there are two options you can choose from. 1 – You can pay $39.95 for your coach starter pack and you are all set. 2 – You can buy a challenge pack (workout with Shakeology) and the sign-up fee of $39.95 is waived. You still get the coach starter pack as well.

When signing up you will be given a coach id number and username that you can use to put at the end of links for different products so you get credit for purchases. You also get 3 website pages to send people to so they can make purchases. Each month there is a $15.95 coach charge for the use of these pages.

As a coach you can run challenges and have people purchase the challenge packs or you can sell products or Shakeology on their own. Most coaches are running challenges and utilizing the challenge packs because for each challenge pack you sell you are given 2 success club points. When you get X number of points each month there are prizes that are awarded and you can also earn dollars towards the Success club trip that Beachbody has each year. You have to be registered for the trip ahead of time but if you didn’t make it in time there is a waiting list. The waiting list starts with the person with the most Success Club points at the end of the year so that is another incentive for getting these points. Most of the coaches on this trip have earned it for free so it’s a nice bonus for working your business all year.

The next step in the coaching process starts when your challengers are starting to see results. When they are getting results and their friends and family notice they may decide that they want to help others too. This is the point that your team starts to grow.

How do you earn money with the affiliate program?

As a team Beachbody coach there are several ways to earn money.

  1. Sales that you make will earn you a 25% commission
  2. Recurring income: Orders that people have placed to get monthly like Shakeology or supplements. You also earn from people that signed up for the team Beachbody club membership.
  3. Team Bonus: When your team gets points from sales and cycles then you get earnings from this. The more successful your team is the more you will make.
  4. Quarterly Bonus: When you reach a rank of at least 2 Star diamond you are eligible for an extra bonus.

If you are thinking that 25% commission isn’t very much for selling the products then just realize that this is such a small piece of the overall pie that the top coaches are earning. At first it won’t seem like you are making much but over time it will start to compound. The thing is that many people give up after a few months of not being successful because they don’t see that their effort will compound and multiply in the future. It will be tough at first but just like anything you do enough of it gets easier when you get better.

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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