9 Reasons to Attend a Beachbody Event

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I recently came back from the Beachbody Event in Toronto ON Canada and it was simply amazing! I got to hear from the #4 coach Scottie Hobbs (My coach) and the top coach in Canada Miguel Carrasco.

It was snowing a bit and there were several people that didn’t make it because of the weather. It took a little bit longer to get there but they pushed back the start time by 30 minutes to accommodate everyone. I live about 1 hr. 15 minutes away from the event so I made sure that I got a room in Mississauga the night before the event so I didn’t have any excuses not to make it. You can tell those with the excuses weren’t all in anyways. I also contacted my coach and got to hang out the night before to learn even more from these great guys.


Why is it necessary to go to a Beachbody event?

Here are some reasons that you must go to a Beachbody Event.

1. Belief

How do you know how much you believe in it if you don’t go.

2. A Beachbody Event Shows you are all in

If you aren’t going to events what is that telling your Coach and your Coaches? If you want your coaches to go you have to lead the way. Your coach will also see that you are serious about becoming better and leading the way for others. They will put more time into you to help you grow.

3. Learn from the leaders

There are always some top coaches speaking that you can learn from. Some of it may seem like it is repeated but as Tony Robbins says “Repetition is the mother of skill”. The more you hear it the easier it will be for you to remember and use this info to tell your coaches in the future.

4. Make New Friends

The Beachbody community is so friendly. Get out of your comfort zone and make some new friends. Honestly the first event I only met a few people. Each time I go I get more comfortable and meet even more people. I’ve made some good friendships from these events. Mingle with other coaches and make new friends. It’s hard to make new friends if you are a parent that doesn’t get out much. Even harder is finding people with similar values and interests. Those are two things that are pretty easy to find at these events. These people do personal development and workouts just like you!

5. Add Contacts on Social Media

I added many new friends to Facebook. Why add other coaches to Facebook or your other social media? The reason that you want to do this is because when you start out posting on these platforms you will hear crickets. When I used to post my workout and ask what workout everyone else is doing or something similar no one would reply. By adding others in the same field that are doing the same it’s only natural that you will comment and like each other’s posts. Friends of yours will see these posts more often and when they see other people commenting and liking they will do the same. This will cause these platforms to show these things to them more often. People are also afraid to do something unless others are doing it too so it builds belief for them as well.

6. Try a new workout

Super Saturdays (most), Summit and even the Success Club trips have a live Beachbody workout going on so you can have fun working out with your friends. You’ll see that there is no one that does these workouts perfectly and that everyone else is out of breath too. You may even get to try a workout you haven’t tried before.

7. Find Out New Info

Super Saturday’s and Summit are great places to find out what is up and coming with Beachbody. It’s always nice to get the news right away so you can be one of the first to create a video or blog post about it.

8. Beachbody Event Pictures

Take your camera with you so you can get pics with your favourite trainers and Beachbody friends to show your social media friends how much fun you are having hanging out with your second family.

Beachbody Coaches Miguel Carrasco, Darren Letourneau, Scottie Hobbs at Beachbody Event in Toronto

9. Upgrade Skills

These events will provide you with different ideas for promoting and new stories about people that have transformed their lives with Beachbody also has training workshops like the Franklin Covey training that you can invest in to upgrade your skills even more.

There are at least 4 Super Saturday’s and Beachbody Summit each year so those are 5 Beachbody events you should definitely attend. This year I have already gone to Super Saturday (on Sunday) in January, Canadian Fitness Challenge in January. I’m also going to the Franklin Covey training in February, Success Club Cruise in March, Super Saturday in April and Beachbody Summit in June. Each time I go to another even I gain more and more belief. You can feel the energy and it really pumps you up. If you go there and you don’t feel it… then give it at least another try. It may sound corny but when I’m at these events I feel chills down my spine. That’s how I know that I truly believe.

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