6 Tips from Top Beachbody Coaches

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The easiest way to be a Top Beachbody coach is to start following what the top coaches are doing. This will give you a general direction of the things you have to do daily to be a top coach in the business.

6 Tips from Top Beachbody Coaches

Here are some tips from top Beachbody coaches that I have noticed over the past little while. I have found that most Beachbody coaches have the same tips so I have put together the most common tips that I have heard.

Top Beachbody Coaches fail forward

Fail Forward

Learn from all of your mistakes. It’s OK to fail the first time but if you keep doing the same things wrong and you aren’t learning from them then you’ll never get anywhere. When you do fail remember to spend time figuring out why you failed, what you did wrong and how you can improve it next time. Everything will be a learning experience but only if you take the failures and make adjustments to improve on them.

“One of the greatest problems people have with failure is that they are too quick to judge isolated situations in their lives and label them as failures. Instead, they need to keep the bigger picture in mind. The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.” John C. Maxwell (Failing Forward)

Personal Development

Personal development is an important part of being a top Beachbody coach. No one knows everything and you can always learn more. I have learned so much about positive attitude, affirmations, leadership, productivity, fitness, health, dealing with people and how to become a better person. You won’t see much benefit at first but over time you will be better at interacting with people, helping others and you’ll be a different person. Check out my YouTube channel where I post a my accountabily video with personal development tips.

personal development

“Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time, and energy needed to develop yourself.” —DENIS WAITLEY


To be successful in anything you need to have discipline. What does discipline mean in a coaching business. It’s doing the daily things whether you want to do them or not. That means creating a daily to do list that you follow each day whether you want to or not. If you aren’t “Feeling it” then do what you need to do to get to the point that you are.

Do you workout, drink your Shakeology, read personal development, check in with challenge groups, check in with your coach group, post on social media, invite to challenges, invite to coaching and share your story with the world.


E. M. Gray said, “The successful person has the habit of doing the things that failures don’t like to do. The successful person doesn’t like doing them either, but his dislike is subordinated to the strength of his purpose.”


As a top Beachbody coach you have to be consistent. If you aren’t there for them or decide that you don’t feel like checking in with your team or challengers they are doing to think you don’t care. Consistency is what helps build your business. Even if you keep posting on your social media accounts and no one interacting or liking your posts it doesn’t mean that they aren’t seeing them. Some people ust don’t click that button or comment on anything. I’ve had several people come up to me when I was out and say that they saw me posting about my workout and want to know how it is and how they can get it. You may even invite 100 people to your challenge and no one replies but then the next 5 you send do reply and join. You can never tell who’s going to be interested so just keep staying consistent with these actions and you’ll find the people that are ready.

A house isn’t built in one day it’s built brick by brick by brick over time.

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.” John C. Maxwell (15 Invaluable Laws of Growth)


To be a great coach you need to be a leader not a manager. Telling people what needs to be done is one thing but actually showing them by doing it yourself keeps you on track and shows them the way as well. Don’t focus on yourself. Beachbody coaching is a team effort. The only way that your business and team will grow is by leading and developing leaders that can lead their own teams.

leaders attitude

How do you develop successful leaders?

Here is a passage that from “Developing the Leaders Around You” by John C. Maxwell

Carnegie replied, “Men are developed the same way gold is mined. Several tons of dirt must be moved to get an ounce of gold. But you don’t go into the mine looking for dirt,” he added. “You go in looking for the gold.” That’s exactly the way to develop positive, successful people. Look for the gold, not the dirt; the good, not the bad. The more positive qualities you look for, the more you are going to find.

Help Others

Training is important for any business. I’ve worked at many places and trained a lot of people. If an employee isn’t’ very good at what they are doing it probably has something to do with how they were trained because they aren’t very comfortable with what they are doing.

The top coaches have implemented coach basics training for their coaches and they also have groups for their coaches, coaches to join in so there is more involvement. Giving people direction each day through coach basics helps them learn the business a little at a time and get used to the vital behaviours that it will take to be a top coach. This makes it so it isn’t’ too overwhelming for them when they start. There is a lot of info out there and it’s hard to find out where to start if you aren’t in a good training program.

Another thing the top coaches do is make things duplicable. This makes it easier for new people to just use what you already have and adjust for themselves. This helps with challenge groups, coach training

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar (Secrets of Closing the Sale)

Hope these tips help you out in your Beachbody business.

Here is some more info about Beachbody Coaching. What is a Beachbody Coach?

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