From Can’t Wait to Die to Can’t Wait to Live

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Have you ever felt like everything that you do get in shape just didn’t work?

Have you gotten to the point that you just didn’t want to try?

Here is the story of Bradley. He was one of the contestants in the Beachbody Challenge this past year and he won the grand prize.

He went from the point of waiting to die to can’t wait to live.

Check out his story here:

[– Bradley’s Story –]

Life at 470 lbs was rough. I couldn’t dress myself.

My wife had to put my shoes on, my socks, I couldn’t play with my kids.

I can’t believe my wife didn’t leave me.

The day my daughter ate 7 fudgesicles, in 45 min.

That was the moment that basically told me that I needed to change my life for my children, and I needed to be a positive healthy role model for them.

I did combat because it seemed like something I could do and I could still get the results that i got.

I lost 212 lbs in 10 months.

I can workout sometimes 3 times a day and before I couldn’t even walk from my chair in my bedroom.

That’s the support you get from Beachbody and especially the coaches. They are there for you.

I know that when I do my workout I am going to give it my all

I’m going to get results.

My story is the story of the guy that was waiting to die.

Now it’s the story of the guy that can’t wait to live.


What an amazing story of how much someone’s life can change in only 10 months.

Remember that you kids are watching your every move.

They don’t always listen to you but they do start to follow your actions.

What example are you setting for them?

Take the healthiest holiday ever challenge to inspire others and lead by example. You never know who’s life you’ll change. More info here:  http://darrenletourneau.com/bbchallenge/


Darren Letourneau

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