Did you see Rebecca’s Transformation?

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Rebecca was one of the finalists in the Beachbody Challenge last year.

Her transformation is amazing.

She lost 207 lbs in 2 years after living her entire life overweight.

Here is her story.

My entire life I grew up overweight.

I honestly though that this was the way that genetically I was supposed to be.

I could only shop at once store and it was specially designed for plus sized women. The problem was that their pants never fit me. They were always too small.

I would have to take my pants to a local tailor and he would put side panels in my pants and also an elastic into the waist.

Also I had to send my measurements over to china to have my wedding dress specially made because I had to get a dress that was so big.

When I had my “ah ha” moment I did a 5k with my family and I though this 5k would be a piece of cake. What’s 3.1 miles?

It took me an hour an fourteen minutes to finish it . I was the last person to finish it. I was embarrassed, I was hurting my whole body was hurting.

I knew there was something I needed to do, and I just had to take that first step and do it.

So one day I was watching and infomercial.

It was for slim in 6.

Slim in 6 was the best starter program I could have because it got me moving.

I bought Les Mills Pump and that’s when I was introduced to Shakeology and got contacted by a coach.

I always say that was really when I started changing. That’s when I got connected with what Beachbody was about.

I’ve done Les Mills Pump, Slim in 6, Turbofire and P90X. It was just crazy.

My inches were just flying off the weight was just flying off.

And I didn’t have to go to the gym. Which I loved that.

The Beachbody challenge I lost 207 lbs in 2 years.

I feel amazing. I’ve won $6000 which has been an absolute blessing.

And I have a chance at $100,000 which is incredible.

I do my first 6 K march of this year.

I do my first half marathon next weekend.

And I do my first full marathon a year from my first 10 k.

It feels really good to look in the mirror and see a different person.

I’m getting used to the person that i see in the mirror it’s still a challenge.

But I think that hidden under that obese person there was this person she just didn’t know how to get out… and I finally found that way.


Wow that was an awesome transformation.

It took a lot of determination and hard work. No quick fixes. The right plan, the right steps and support along the way.

Contact me for more info on how you can join our next Beachbody Challenge group for the support and plan to get in shape this year.
Darren Letourneau

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