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Beachbody Challenge Pack PromotionsHi, I’m Beachbody Coach Darren Letourneau. My goal this year is to help as many people as I can get healthy and fit so they can feel great and be full of energy. I have struggled for over 20 years to get the body that I was always dreaming about. Now at 35 I am in the best shape of my life and can actually see my six pack.

I’ve seen many people that were like me going to the gym and just doing whatever workout was convenient or copying what someone else was doing. That’s not much of a plan. My diet was all over the place and I constantly ate junk food. There was no one in my life that was into health and fitness to keep me motivated.

Over the years I tried a lot of programs and created a lot of workouts myself. I worked out at the gym a lot and didn’t see the results I wanted. I came across Beachbody a year ago and it was a game changer. The big change was having a plan and accountability from the challenge groups.

Having a scheduled workout, sticking to it, following the nutrition guide and drinking Shakeology daily have changed my life. I have new friends in the online group that are supportive and motivating which keeps me going each day.

Beachbody Challenge Pack Deal

With the Beachbody challenge pack you get:

  1. Workout program with fitness/nutrition guide
  2. 30 Day supply of Shakeology (if you choose the bag)
  3. Private Accountability Group

How to order to get your Beachbody Challenge Pack Bonus

1. Sign up for your FREE beachbody account here: –> FREE ACCOUNT   It should say that your coach will be “Darren Letourneau”.

NOTE: If you already have a Beachbody account please contact me before ordering so you can get the bonuses.

2. Select a Beachbody Challenge Pack below and order it from the order link for that program.

3. Friend me on Facebook and let me know that you purchased a challenge pack so I can add you to our private group. http://www.facebook.com/darren.letourneau

3 Awesome Beachbody Challenge Packs

I have included 3 Beachbody Challenge Packs here for you to choose from. These are great programs that have given me excellent results.

Order P90X3 Challenge Pack for $205

P90X3 Beachbody Challenge Pack comes with:

  • 16 Extreme workouts on 8 DVD’s. The workouts include: Total Synergistics, The Challenge, Incinerator, The Warrior, Eccentric Upper, Eccentric Lower, Agility X, Triometrics, Decelerator, CVX, MMX, Accelerator, X3 Yoga, Pilates X, Isometrix and Dynamix.
  • Fitness Guide: Step by step guide that outlines all the exercises in the workouts and shows you how to get the most out of Tony’s accelerated extreme fitness program. Fitness guide includes the P90X3 schedule.
  • Nutrition Guide: It’s a simple approach to healthy eating and measuring your food intake. It outlines the best to worst foods to each for carbs, fats and proteins.
  • 90 Day Wall Calendar
  • How to Accelerate Intro DVD: Introductory DVD to show you how to get the best results from this program.
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Three P90X3 Branded Stickers
  • Bonus workout One on One: On one leg DVD workout.
  • 30 day supply of Shakeology (if you choose the bag)

Find out more about this program –> P90X3 Review

Order P90X3 Challenge Pack

P90X3 Challenge Pack

Order Focus T25 Challenge Pack for $205

Focus T25 Beachbody Challenge Pack includes:

  • 8 DVD’s which contain a total of 10 x 25 minute workouts.
  • Quick start guide – A step by step guide for how to achieve the best results.
  • Get it done Nutrition Guide – Contains meals with 5 ingredients that take 5 minutes to prep.
  • Alpha and Beta workout calendars – This shows you what workout to do for each day of the program.
  • Stretch Workout – This is the workout scheduled for Sundays. This gives you a bit of a break from the cardio and helps your muscles recuperate.
  • 5 day fast track – This gives you a jump start on your weight loss with a 5 day meal plan.
  • B-LINES resistance band (15 lbs) – This is a lightweight pro-grade resistance bands that you will use during the BETA cycle.
  • Bonus Core Speed workout: is core focused workout that will have you dripping sweat in no time.
  • 30 day supply of Shakeology (if you choose the bag)

Find out more about this program –> Focus T25 Review

Order Focus T25 Challenge Pack

Focus T25 Challenge Pack

Order Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack for $160

Les Mills Combat Beachbody Challenge Pack includes:

  • Stay with the fight fitness guide
  • Eat right for the fight nutrition guide
  • Tape measure and measurement tracker
  • 30 days in the team Beachbody club membership
  • The basics + 6 workouts.
  • Bonus workout LES MILLS COMBAT 30: LIVE. This is a high voltage combat class that was shot live in the UK! This is a high-intensity cardio workout for carving leaner arms, shoulders and upper back. It’s a great metabolic burn.
  • 30 day supply of Shakeolgy (if you choose the bag)

Find out more about this program –> Les Mills Combat Review

Order Les Mills Combat Beachbody Challenge Pack

Les Mills Combat Beachbody Challenge Pack

Which Beachbody Challenge Pack should I Pick?

These are my 3 favourite Beachbody programs I have done all of these workouts. If I had to choose only one of them I would pick P90X3 because it has the most workouts, it’s only 30 minutes and there is a wide vareity of different types of workouts included in it.

If you are someone that wants to have fun and likes to do martial arts style workouts then go with Les Mills Combat.

If you like doing cardio for fat burning go with Focus T25.

If you want to lose fat, build muscle or just get stronger overall then go with P90X3.

If you want to chat about your goals and need help figuring out which Beachbody Challenge Pack is for you then you can message me on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/darren.letourneau

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