What Equipment do you need for The Masters Hammer and Chisel Program?

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The new Masters Hammer and Chisel program is about to come out December 1st, 2015.

A lot of people are wondering….

What Equipment do you need for The Masters Hammer and Chisel Program?

For this program you will need equipment.


Pull up bar or resistance bands

Weight bench or stability ball

Red b-line resistance band.


There are different options for the dumbbells you can have for this program. I have some adjustable and fixed dumbbells that I use to workout with. My friends choose to use the bowflex selectech dumbbells.

It all depends on what you like better and how much you want to spend on your home workout equipment.

I currently have rubber hex dumbbells that are 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 lbs and also some dumbbells with spinlocks so I can adjust my heavier weights.

Your size and strength will determine how much you will need.

The exercises you’ll need the most weight for are bench press and the leg exercises like squats.

Most workouts I use 40 lbs or less.

Pull-up bar or Resistance Bands

A pull-up bar is recommended but if you are unable to have one in your house you can use the resistance bands.

I use the beam in my basement to do pull-ups.

With the resistance bands you will need somewhere to secure the band so you can do the pull or rowing type exercises with them.

Weight Bench or Stability Ball

You have the option to use either of these for the workout.

I have an old weight bench and it does it’s job.

Using a stability ball will make it more difficult. You’ll use less weight and work more of your core since you’ll be balancing during the exercises.

Red B-line Resistance Band

This red b-line resistance band is used for the stretching exercises in this workout and you could also use it for some of the other exercises if you are using a lighter weight.


There will be people showing you how to do the exercises with each of the options.

Get the program and Join our Hammer and Chisel Test Group Here!

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