The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Review Week 2

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Another AWESOME and CHALLENGING week for The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. The workout calendar does not have 2 weeks that are the same so it really keeps it interesting. I never know what is coming next. I have figured out that every day is leg day. Pretty much each workout is Total Body! That’s great for me because I hate leg day so spreading out the pain throughout the week doesn’t have me dreading one day.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Review Week 2

Chisel Cardio Day 8

Got up on time today at 5 am, thinking it’s going to be a GREAT day! Lots of time to complete my morning habits before the kids wake up.

Meditated for 17 min, read for 30 minutes, used my foam roller for 30 minutes. Had my preworkout energize and booted up the computer to start my workout.

The computer was slow and not working. So I gave it some time and read another 10 minutes. Wasted more time trying to get the computer to work.

Went upstairs and got the kids tablet. Started Chisel Cardio. Part way into the workout the battery alert goes off. Go upstairs to get the charger.

Back to the workout.

It’s 7:30. Pause it and go wake up the kids. Get their breakfast ready.

Back to finishing the workout.

Made 2 videos… Done!

Still an awesome sweaty workout.

I could have just let it slide and said it’s not my day to workout… not me, not today.

I just kept looking for a solution to figure it out and get it done.

Pumped up and ready for an AWESOME day!

You have the choice each day. Let something you can’t control ruin your day or find a solution and get back on track to have a great day.

Max Hammer Strength Day 9

No Excuses! Remember the past does not equal the future. Just because you haven’t done it before or failed the last time, it does not mean that you cannot succeed at it this time.

Ready to make some changes and not repeat what happened last year? Send me a message and we’ll get you set up with the support, motivation and plan to reach your goals this year.

Chisel Agility Day 10

Working out is hard and being unhappy with your health and fitness is hard.


Great Chisel agility workout today. Why is agility important even if you don’t play sports?

It will help prevent injuries that may result from a trip, misstep or even when you have to do awkward moves around your house dodging children or their toys.

Plus it’s a fun way to change up your cardio workout instead of just using machines.

Looking for some workouts to get you started or challenge yourself more? Send me a message and I’ll be glad to help you out!

Rest Day – Day 11

On the rest day for the program I am using my stretch, yoga and pilates workouts that I have. When you purchase your Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack you’ll get 30 days of free ON DEMAND. In the ON DEMAND you can stream other workouts. You’ll find some Yoga, Pilates and other recovery workouts that you can use. Message me and I can recommend some for you.

Hammer Power Day 12

Started the week off with an AWESOME power lifting workout this morning. Yes powerlifting a home. This program has a little of everything. Every day I’m excited to see what is next. I feel like I didn’t lift enough but still got a great workout in only 40 min. Once I figure out the moves it will be even better. Day 11 complete.

If your are ready to get results without cutting corners and would like a supportive team to help you reach your goals. Send me a message.

10 Minute Ab Hammer

Power Chisel Day 13

Did the optional workout today and glad I did. I don’t usually buy the extra deluxe workouts but this time I did. It was worth watching Sagi having to do the full workout. 40 minute total body workout and abs. I’ve never done so many exercises in such a small amount of time.

I’ve always liked workouts that are quick and to the point. Who has time to stand around. It makes it so much easier to stick with this when working out at home. At the gym my workouts weren’t as intense. I’d always see people I know and then I’d be forced to stop and chit chat for 5 min, people would want to work in and it would lower my workout intensity or I’d have to wait for equipment.

Now it’s even quicker, no distractions and more intense. Plus when the snow comes I get to stay inside 😉

Video is acting up. I’ll need to post it later.

Hammer Conditioning Day 14

Just got my DVD’s for the program I’ve been doing. I was able to stream the workouts while I was waiting for them in the mail.

Another great full body workout in only 30 minutes. I think I did about the equivalent of a 1.5 hrs workout. It almost feels like they made this workout for me. For those that want to get great results without spending hours a day to get them.


Another AWESOME week of this program. Looking forward to increasing my weights and really pushing myself now that I know what the workouts are and the exercises. It’s SO IMPORTANT to print out the workout sheets and write down your weights because most of the workouts you only get one or 2 sets of the exercise and sometimes it takes you 2 sets just to get the right weight.

Want to enter our test group and get the program. Go here: The Master’s Hammer and Chisel


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