The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Nutrition Guide – Program Guide

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The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Program and Nutrition Guide are in one booklet and kind of mixed together to help you follow along and take the right steps.program nutrition guide hammer and chisel

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Program Guide

Here are the sections as they appear in the guide.

Why does this work?

This section goes over how SSP Training (stabilization, strength and power) works. The program incorporates all of these approaches to fitness to get you the best results.

Nutrition Quiz

You answer questions about regarding your gender, weight, activity level and your goal. Each answer gives you a plus or minus number and you add up the totals to find out your score.

The number that you scored lines up with one of the meal plans. Each meal plan is a set calorie range. This number is then used in the nutrition section later on.

60 Day Calendar

Calendar for the 60 day program. Day’s off are on Thursdays. So I started the program on Thursday (Monday on the schedule)  so my day off will line up on Sundays. This works best for me because the kids play hockey early on Sunday mornings so I have less time to get my workout and other morning activities in. My advice is to decide which day you want off and line up the calendar accordingly.


They give you a chart that shows you which workouts need which equipment. Most workouts need a bench/stability ball and weights. the hammer workouts need resistance band or towel. There is also a chinup bar required but you can also use resistance bands with a door attachment if you don’t have them.

I also recommend a jump or comfort mat to workout on and if you aren’t good at chinups and you areusing a chin-up bar you can try the chin up max.


This section shows you what areas to measure and gives you a chart you can fill in with your measurements for before and after.

Program Options

There are alternate program options. You can do the program in 2 sections. The hammer program which is 4 weeks or the chisel program which is 4 weeks. Hammer is for building muscle, strength and power. The chisel is for greater endurance, stabilization and maximum definition.

Find out more here: Hammer and Chisel Calendar Schedule


To stay safe during your workout this section goes through some safety tips.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Nutrition Guide

Containers, calorie charts, food lists.

The portion control containers are the same containers that are used with the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.

portion control containers

The Calorie charts show you how many of each container you should be eating depending on which plan that your score from earlier lined you up with. The plans go from A-H. (A and B shown below)

They also give you some tips that tell you what containers you may want to add if you are feeling hungry or sluggish.

calorie charts

Tally Sheets

They give you several tally sheets that you can copy so you can keep track of how many of each containers you are eating each day.

tracking sheets

This section also goes into which foods fit into each container. The foods at the top of the list are the best foods to eat. The foods at the bottom are the least healthiest. So the best thing to do it try to eat from the higher part of the list.


This sections goes into which suppelements to use with this program. I will be using the performance line as well as Shakeology. Shakeology is considered one red container and the performance supplements have already been calculated into the plan so there is no need to account for them if you are using them.

Here is more info on them –> Beachbody Performance Supplements


The Frequently Asked Questions section goes into questions:

  • What if I can’t eat all this food?
  • When should I eat my food?
  • What if I’m still hungry?
  • When should I recalculate my calories?
  • Do I need breakfast?
  • Should I eat before I workout?


This section contains 8 recipes and 4 salad dressings. You may want to go for the Fix Cookbook if you are looking for more variety.


Sample Menus

There are sample menus for:

  • Omnivore menu – plant and animal origins
  • Vegetarian menu – foods from plant origins as well as eggs and dairy
  • Grain free menu – from plant and animal origins and omits grain.

That sums up what is in the guide. Pretty much all you need and shouldn’t take long to get through. It’s pretty simple and straightforward unlike many other fitness guides I’ve seen.

For more info or to join our Hammer and Chisel group and get the program go here http://darrenletourneau.com/the-masters-hammer-and-chisel/

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