The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Calendar Schedule

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The newest Beachbody program The Master’s Hammer and Chisel has just been released and here are the details on the Calendar and Schedule for the program.

operation six pack hammer and chisel

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Schedule

The Hammer and Chisel workout schedule is a 8 week schedule. None of the weeks repeat and there is a rest day on the 4 day of the week throughout the calendar.

The workouts are between 20-40 minutes each.

The schedule contains 12 workouts. 6 Workouts with trainer Sagi Kalev (Hammer) and 6 workouts with trainer Autumn Calabrese (Chisel)

With The Master’s Hammer and Chisel you’ll use what the experts call SSP Training, for Stabilization, Strength, and Power.

Most training programs may only include one or two of these phases in their programs.

This resistance training method is powerful for chipping away fat, building muscle and making your body a work of art.

Workouts in the program

Sagi Kalev Workouts

  • Hammer Plyometrics (30 min)
  • Iso Speed Hammer (25 min)
  • Total Body Hammer (45 min)
  • Max Hammer Strength (40 min)
  • Hammer Power (40 min)
  • Hammer Conditioning (30 min)
  • 10 Min Ab Hammer (15 min)

Autumn Calabrese Workouts

  • Chisel Balance (40 min)
  • Iso Strength Chisel (35 min)
  • Chisel Endurance (35 min)
  • Chisel Cardio (40 min)
  • Chisel Agility (40 min)
  • Total Body Chisel (36 min)
  • 10 Min Ab Chisel (10 min)

Deluxe Workouts (Sold Seperately)

  • Hammer Build up (30 min)
  • Power Chisel (30 min)
  • 15 Min Leg Hammer (20 min)
  • 15 Min Glute Chisel (20 min)

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Calendar


the masters hammer and chisel calendar


30 Day Workout Calendars for Hammer and Chisel

The Hammer and Chisel program can be broken down into two different programs. You can follow Sagi’s workouts (the Hammer) or Autumn’s workouts (the Chisel).

There is a calendar schedule for each separate trainer. Follow the appropriate one for your goals.

The Master’s Hammer Calendar

After completing the 60 day program you have the option of using the 30 day Hammer calendar with Sagi Kalev. The Hammer calender focuses on building muscle, strength and power.

It’s a great way to mix up the program.

the masters hammer calendar

The Master’s Chisel Calendar

After completing the 60 day program you also have the option to follow the Chisel Calendar with Autumn Calabrese. This schedule helps you achieve greater endurance, stabilization adn maximum definition.

the masters chisel calendar

More details about the program as well as how you can get it now –> http://darrenletourneau.com/the-masters-hammer-and-chisel/

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