P90X3 Workouts, Calendar and Schedules

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P90X3 has 4 different workout schedules that you can choose from including classic, lean, bulk and doubles.

P90X3 is a 90 day program that is split into 3 Blocks.

  • Block 1: 4 weeks
  • Block 2: 4 weeks
  • Block 3: 5 weeks

Optional after 90 day completion:

• Elite Block: 4 weeks

Note: The Elite Block includes 3 workouts that are not included in the P90X3 Base Kit. They are included with the P90X3 Deluxe and Ultimate Kits or can be purchased separately.

P90X3 Schedules

Here are snapshots for the different schedules for P90X3 so you can print them off and follow them.

Block 1 is 4 Weeks


P90X3 Schedules Block 1

Block 2 is 4 Weeks


P90X3 Schedules Block 2

Block 3 is 5 Weeks

P90X3 Schedules Block 3

P90X3 Workouts

The base kit of P90X3 comes with 16 different workouts that are used throughout the 3schedule blocks. I have broken down the workouts by the type of workouts that they are. Some workouts are multiple types but this will kind of give you an idea of what to expect.

p90x3 workouts

Resistance Training Workouts

There are 6 workouts from the base kit that are listed under resistance training workouts they include, Total Synergistics, The Challenge, Incinerator, The Warrior, Eccentric Upper and Eccentric Lower.

Total Synergistics: A full-body resistance workout that triggers fast, powerful changes to your body’s composition. This workout uses compound movements that use multiple muscle groups at once. There is a lot of core work done in this workout.

The Challenge: Strengthen your entire upper body by stacking push-ups and pull-ups in ways you’ve probably never seen. It’s a pretty basic workout. You stimply go back and forth between differnent types of pushups and pullups. You’ll do 4 different types of each. The first time I did this workout I was starting to get sore at the end of the day as well as the day after. I could feel it in my back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and forearms. If definitely kicks your butt. There is also a burnout for a couple minutes at the end of the workout.

Incinerator: Bring It ’til there’s nothing left to bring. A full burnout session that pushes you past your limits.
This is an upper body strength workout that contains exercises in pairs. You stick with the same muscle group starting with weights and then following it with a bodyweight move.

The Warrior: When you need a one-size-fits-all workout that can be done anytime, anywhere, this is your drill.
The Warrior is an all bodyweight workout that includes a bit of core, upper body, lower body and plyometrics. There are 4 groups with 4 exercises in each.

Eccentric Upper: Time under tension is the key to creating lean-muscle growth fast. This upper-body blast will have you begging for mercy. It’s an all upper body workout that focuses on the negative portion of the exercises. For example: push or pull through the move for 1 second count and take 4 second count to go back to the start of the movement.

Eccentric Lower: You’ll be slowing down the eccentric (or negative) half of each movement to carve a ripped lower body—faster. Same as the eccentric upper but with lower body movements like lunges and squats.

Power Workouts

There are 3 workouts included in the base kit that are listed under power workouts. They include Agility X, Triometrics and Decelerator.

Agility X: This fusion of aerobic and anaerobic energy improves your precision, flexibility, balance, and strength. In this workout you place targets on the floor that you will try to hit or go around during the workout. There is some running around during this workout. My 2 year old though it was fun chasing me around in circles doing the different moves.

Triometrics: Increase your speed and power in a fraction of the time with this explosive next-generation plyo workout. Each exercise goes through several different variations that are each harder than the previous.

Decelerator: Balance your ability to go up strong and come down safe with multi-angle deceleration training.
This workout really focuses on balance, control and landing properly and is a great core workout.

Cardio Workouts

There are 3 workouts included in the base kit that are listed under cardio workouts. They include CVX, MMX and Accelerator.

CVX: Now resistance is combined with intervals to give you that full-body burn and power up your core.
Most of this cardio workout is done with a weight. You can use a dumbbell, other type of weight like a basketball, medicine ball or beginners can also do it without a weight. Tony recommends not using anything higher than 12 lbs. I first started with 10 and switched it to 5 after the first couple rounds. It’s not your typical cardio workout.

MMX: Burn fat by taxing your strength, endurance, and flexibility with this martial arts–based cardio workout.
This workout has the same type of style as kempo X from the original P90X program. It’s a different style than the Les Mills Combat workouts. The workout has a lot of sprawls which are burpees without the push up component.

Accelerator: Increase your cardiovascular and muscular efficiency, resulting in more bang for your fat-burning buck. This is an intense cardio workout with interval which can be quite long. Definitely a sweaty workout.

Core, Flexibility & Balance Workouts

There are 4 workouts included in the base kid that are listed under core, flexibility and balance workouts. They include X3 Yoga, Pilates X, Isometrix and Dynamix. Realize that these are short 30 minute versions of these workouts. Someone that has done yoga and Pilates extensively may find these not as challenging as their regular routine.

X3 Yoga: A flow-style practice that improves your musculoskeletal flexibility, balance, stamina, and core strength. This workout is Vinyasa yoga with lots of moves that are from the original P90X program. There are also some new move, definitely a workout that you don’t want to skip. It is scheduled for almost every week of the program.

Pilates X: Power your core, gain muscle elasticity, and stabilize your joints, as Pilates fundamentals meet modern science. You’ll be feeling this workout in your core, hamstrings, quads and glutes. It’s a great workout for posture and balance. Only a mat required for this workout.

Isometrix: Isometric contraction combined with instability—this workout gives you an unshakable platform to work from. This is another type of yoga routine that you hold each pose for 45 seconds. It may seem easy but staying still for 45 seconds is pretty tough. You’ll find a lot of balance moves in this workout.

Dynamix: Increase your range of motion, flexibility, and stabilization to help maximize the results you get from every routine. This workout is gentle, slow moving dynamic and static stretches. There are quite a few movements that work around the hip joint. It is usually done on the last day of the week and the schedule says you can do this workout or rest. I like to try to get it done just to keep my momentum going and I also need to improve my range of motion as well. Maximizing the results of the other workouts is another good reason to do it as well.

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