P90X3 Transformation Week 1

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I started my P90X3 transformation on January 6th 2014. My main goal for this transformation isn’t to change my weight but improve my overall fitness level. I had been doing Focus T25 during the fall and that workout is mostly cardio. I have noticed this first week that my upper body strength has been lacking due to the lack of doing pull-ups lately.

In addition to changing my body I also want to increase my confidence, passion and speaking. I have decided that to get more comfortable with the camera I will have to take more action instead of just doing one video every few weeks. I will be posting a video for each day. Yes they are short. I will also try to add in some benefit other than just commenting on my workout.

My P90X3 Transformation

Day 1

Just started Day 1 of P90X3.

Make sure to read the P90X3 manual and nutrition manual before you get started as well as watch the get started DVD that comes with the package. Take your before pictures and measurements as well so you can see your progress at the end of your transformation.

You can also print out the workout sheets online so you can keep track of your workout.

Total Synergistics workout today. This workout uses compound movements to work multiple muscle groups at once. For this workout you need a pull up bar or resistance bands and dumbbells. Guys 5 – 50 lbs and girls 5 – 25 lbs.

Day 2

Today is day 2 of my P90X3 transformation in our huge challenge group. Everyone was getting their butt kicked by this workout today.

It’s the Agility X workout. It’s a power workout but could also be considered cardio. It’s a full body workout that focuses on precision, power, flexibility, balance and strength.

Day 3

Today’s P90X3 workout was X3 Yoga.

Yoga is done each week of the classic and lean programs except for weeks 10 and 12. For the mass, doubles and elite programs it’s done scheduled every week. That just goes to show you how important it is in your routine especially if you want to build muscle.

Yoga is great for improving flexibility, balance, stamina, body awareness, and core strength.

Some of the moves are the same as P90X. But it’s much shorter so it’s a lot easier for those yoga newbies like myself.

It fills in a lot of gaps that other workouts don’t address. I wish I would have started doing yoga when I first started working out. I’d be a lot more flexible now.

They do have someone doing modifications so that’s who i’m following most of the time. Some of the advanced moves look pretty intense.

My goal will be able to do “Crow” by the end of the 30 days.

Day 4

Just finished the P90X3 Day 4 The Challenge workout. I’m out of breath even though it’s a resistance training workout combining push-ups and pull-ups.

For this workout you need a pull-up bar and push-up stands (optional).

I started with 20 pushups for the first exercise and worked my way down to 10 by the end pushups exercise. Pull-ups I did on the beam in the basement. Worked pretty good. Started at about 10 then had to use a chair to assist me by the end of the pull-ups exercises.

By the time the burnout came I was exhausted!

Day 5

It’s Day 5 of my P90X3 Classic schedule Transformation. I did the CVX cardio workout today. WOW! It’s cardio with a dumbbell or basketball/medicine ball.

There isn’t any warm-up in this workout so you may want to start with the cold start.

I think the first time I tried it out I didn’t do weights. Tony recommends not to use anything higher than 12 lbs. I started around that and reduced to 6lbs after the first circuit.

Since I’m working out at 5:50 am today the energy and endurance formula really helped out. I felt like quitting several times.

My back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps were actually sore before I went to bed last night. That challenge workout really takes a toll on you. May not be able to move later.

Day 6

Just finished my P90X3 “The Warrior” workout that Tony Horton has used with troops in bases around the world. You can do this workout anywhere without any equipment.

It’s a resistance training workout but I’m breathing pretty hard.

I was already pretty sore [all over] from the previous two workouts (CVX and The Challenge).

My least favourite exercise from this workout is the elevator push-ups. There are 3 floors to this elevator and Tony calls out either bottom floor, middle floor or top floor. You have to go up and down to the specified floor and hold at that position until he calls out the next one. WOW it’s tough. Especially at the bottom and middle floors.

Looking forward to the Dynamix workout tomorrow and Beachbody Super Saturday (which is on Sunday where I am).

Day 7

Just completed the dynamix workout this morning. I was actually sweating a bit. It’s mostly a stretching workout for improving mobility and recuperating from the intense workouts during the week.

Most programs that I have seen don’t have any type of stretching, yoga, pilates included in them even though they are such a large component to improving your overall mobility, balance and core strength. Definitely wish I would have had these types of exercises in my routines when I first started working out.

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P90X3 Transformation

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