P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 7

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This is my 7th week of P90X3. I dislocated my shoulder last week so I have to change up some of the workouts this week because there isn’t much point doing modifying a workout that is all upperbody because I won’t be able to do any of it. I have added in the CVX and Pilates X workouts and taken out the workouts that included upper body.

My P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 7

Day 43

P90X3 Day 43 CVX workout today. Tempted to use a helium balloon. Substituted this workout in for the Eccentric Upper as I can’t use my shoulder. Still a great workout.

I was reading Tony Horton’s new book (The Big Picture: 11 Laws that will change your life.) and he was talking about fears. He always feared not fitting in, getting beaten up, being made fun of, being picked last for the team. The same things that many of us fear.

He came up with this saying that he lives by now “Do your best and forget the rest”. Focus on your best and know that you are succeeding because you have done everything you can.

Day 44

P90X3 Day 44 Triometrics. Kind of tumbling around with this one today trying to balance with one arm. Made it through.

I was reading a story about a previous Beachbody challenge winner Jeremy Yost.

Day 45

Came down with the flu so took a rest day to recuperate.

Day 46

P90X3 Day 46 Eccentric Lower. Still a great workout even without using weights.

I was reading about variety in Tony Horton’s new “11 Laws that will change your life” book this morning. He talks about how not having variety can hurt you. I’ve done this is the past only focusing on weights and neglecting cardio, stretching, and other types of workouts. If you see something new go and try it a few times. You never know you may like it and add it into your routine.

Variety is also good for your diet. There may be foods that make you feel better and give you better fat loss results.

Day 47

P90X3 day 47 Pilates X. I took out the upper body workout that was scheduled today and substituted in Pilates X. Dislocated my shoulder 1 week ago so not ready for the upper body workouts yet. I love this Pilates workout though.

Felt a bit clogged up today but after my E&E and this workout I feel great. I find that staying consistent with anything makes it a whole lot easier. By doing my workout and reading every morning first thing for 30 minutes my mind is focused, I’m ready to go and super productive. It’s also nice to check off two of my biggest things for the day right at the start of the day.

Day 48

Awesome P90X3 workout on Day 48 this morning. MMX Mixed Martial Arts workout. Great way to remove Phlegm.

I was listening to No Excuses by Brian Tracey and he had a interesting fact about brain use. He says that men only use 2 centers of their brains and women use 7 centers. It’s like car headlights vs a lit up Christmas tree.

This sounds so much like me. Does this sound like you too?

Day 49

Dynamix from P90X3 today. One of my favourites. Great stretch for all of your lower body. You so need this at the end of the week.

Here is also a tip for relieving stress and anxiety. It’s called having FUN. Yes we tend to get caught up in being adults and working all the time and we forget something we used to do all the time as a child.

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