P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 4

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My P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 4

It was recovery week this week for P90X3… or at least that is what I thought it was going to be. The Yoga and Dynamix are nice for recovery but they were also included in the schedule for the first 3 weeks. Also did a CVX workout which is cardio with weights, my least favourite. The Isometrix and Accelerator are challenging and so is the Pilates X workout. Anything but a recovery week.

Day 22

Isometrix for Day 22 of P90X3 Classic Schedule. Wow! I thought it was a recovery week.That was some tough yoga. It’s a lot of moves for 45 seconds each. Switching back and forth from side to side.

I think I used every muscle in my body for that one. Lots of stabilization muscles and a killer core workout. You may need to lay down or sit down for a while after this one because I was lightheaded after finishing. Also did the crow on my head for the burnout. Gonna feel this one tomorrow.

Day 23

P90X3 Day 23. Some dynamix stretching today. Stretching for exercise is just as important as stretching in your life. Sometimes we think we are doing as much as we can but we can still do a little more.

Day 24

Day 24 Accelerator cardio workout. If you haven’t done it before it’s EASY.. Go do it. If you have… It’s TOUGH.

I don’t want to see any more planks. Those side to side, forward, backward, clockwise, counter clockwise.. No more please. Great cardio workout and sweating lots.

Day 25

Pilates from P90X3 today. It’s the first time seeing it in the classic schedule. Great workout. Lots of core and ab exercises. Not much need for ab ripper X with this workout.

The breathing is a bit challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how they are breathing and if I’m doing it right. The most important part is simply pushing PLAY and getting it done. Whether it’s the full workout or only part, every little bit counts. Stay consistent and over time you’ll be mastering the moves like the people in the videos.

Day 26

Great CVX workout bright and early this morning. Everyone’s still sleeping. It’s still challenging me. Definitely my least favourite workout of the P90X3 so far just because it’s the hardest for me.

Did a little reading first in the “Magic of Thinking Big” and “No Excuses”. The one secret to success in anything that Brian Tracy talks about is “Self Discipline”. If you have this you’ll reach any of your goals. You just have to keep going. It doesn’t work going hard for a few months and resting for a month. It’s like starting all over again.

Successful people don’t want to do the same things as unsuccessful people do.. It’s just that they buckle down and do them even though they don’t want to.

Just finished reading book 4 and I’ve listened to 8 for the #52bookchallenge that my coach Scottie is doing. You can read any books. It’s amazing how much books can change you when you are learning things you can apply every day to better yourself.

Day 27

Awesome X3 Yoga workout today on Day 27. It was a bit noisy but still great. Yoga and Dynamix back to back will be a great way to transition into next week’s new workouts. There are 5 new workouts on next week’s schedule.

I was reading this morning about managing your environment and how important it is to reaching your goals. Most people focus on getting their fitness and nutrition down and don’t realize that their mind plays a big part on it as well. If you are around negative people all the time and constantly filling your head with bad news then you will start to feel like what you are constantly hearing.

On the other side of the coin. If you are always around positive people that are uplifting you, hearing good things and filling your mind with positive information you’ll tend to feel more positive, feel better and are more likely to want to eat healthy and exercise.

Day 28

Took a rest day.

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