P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 3

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Week 3 of my P90X3 transformation was awesome. Finally getting these moves down. I increased my numbers on the challenge workout and my balance is improving. On a side note, my videos are actually looking better too. The compound effect of getting slightly better every time starts to show up after a while. It’s not something you’ll notice from day to day but when you compare it from where you have started you’ll see the difference.

My P90X3 Transformation

Day 15

Week 3 of my P90X3 Transformation. Not sure if I actually made it this far through the original P90X workouts.

I was thinking during the workout about how I don’t recall seeing anyone do these kinds of exercises at the gym when I used to go there. Everyone tends to do the same machines and exercises there. These exercises use so much of your core there isn’t really any need to do strictly ab exercises when you are doing something like this.

Day 16

P90X3 Agility X workout today. It’s day 9. It was so much tougher than last week. Definitely sweating more. I usually find that for the first couple weeks it tends to be a better workout each week because I get more familiar with the moves and up the pace.

This workout uses targets on the floor for precision. It’s also a great workout for mobility, balance and power. Also a great cardio workout. Sweating in only 30 minutes.

Any time you are thinking of skipping your workout just remember to focus on the big picture and count the benefits of what is right. Then go PUSH PLAY!

Day 17

Terrific Yoga X workout. Makes you really feel good after being sore from the other workouts. My balance is getting much better. Mobility is increasing as well. Gotta keep practicing the “crow” move more.

I was reading about momentum in the Compound Effect. Darren Hardy talks about momentum and that keeping the momentum is the key to success. It’s like riding a bike. At first it takes a bit to get it moving but once you are going it’s a lot easier to keep it going. The same goes for your workouts. It’s going to feel difficult to start but once you get going just keep the momentum. If you stop for a week it’s going to be hard to get going again. If you miss a day, don’t worry, just make sure you get back out there and continue with the next day.

Day 18

Wow.. Awesome workout today on Day 18 of my P90X3 transformation. I can barely type. Can’t even touch my shoulders. I was breating pretty heavy for it being a pull-up and push-up workout.

Started the day off with “The Magic of Thinking Big” so I decided to set my goals higher. Aiming for 15/25. I hit my push-up goals for the first exercise and improved the following sets as well. Pushed harder for pull-ups as well and did more.

Sometimes we just set low goals for our self because we don’t think we can do any better or we don’t want the uncomfortable feeling of trying to reach higher. Set yourself a higher goal and imagine yourself reaching it every day and how you will feel when you finally reach it.

Day 19

Day 19, CVX from P90X3. WOW! do I hate cardio with weights. 🙂

I don’t like cardio to begin with. I’d rather just be doing resistance training all the time. I think I even like the yoga and Pilates better.

That Frankenstein move at the beginning of the workout is killer. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was at the end. I saw on someones Facebook wall that their fiance already lost 16lbs with this program in about 3-4 weeks. That’s awesome! I could see myself getting those type of results if I had weight to lose.

Day 20

I was at the Toronto Beachbody event today. Did am insanity workout and some pushups and pullups at the hotel gym in the morning. What an inspiring event.

Day 21

Just finished Week 3 of P90X3. Did the Warrior workout since I missed it yesterday. Substituted the Sunday rest day. Starting week 4 tomorrow.

I was at the Toronto Beachbody event yesterday. The biggest take away from that is that you have to believe you can reach your goals. Wake up every morning and picture yourself with your dream body, living your dream life and how it will feel when you reach those goals. Do this every day and the situations and right people will be brought into your life.

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P90X3 Transformation

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