P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 11

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On week 11 of P90X3. Finally getting back to the scheduled workouts and doing some push-ups and pull-ups with little modification. Getting ready for the Beachbody Cruise on Monday.. Which is Today. Here is my week 11’s posts and I’ll be working out live with Tony Horton this week on the ship so I won’t be posting videos and doing the P90X3 workouts. I’ll get back to them the following week.

My P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 11

Day 71

P90X3 Decelerator Day 71. Felt like a new workout. Only did it once before and substituted it the last 2 weeks. Love those elevator pull-ups. Modified them for a row instead.

If you are just starting out change can be hard. There are so many things you want to change. Try to start with the one that is going to have the biggest impact. Once you get this new routine down add in another change and go from there making more changes. Don’t overwhelm yourself with everything at once.

What has had the most impact on your transformation? Diet? Workout? Changing other habits?

Day 72

P90X3 Agility X Day 72. Awesome workout, pushed myself today.

Many people tend to focus on the outside transformation but my big transformation is on the inside. I have read more books in the last year than the previous 34-35 years. Then make a huge impact and help me stay focused, positive and help me set goals. I’m also setting a good example for my kids so they see me reading they want to do the same.

What is your favourite personal development book?

Day 73

P90X3 The Challenge Day 73. Wow! Love this workout. Haven’t done it in 4-5 weeks. Cut it short so I don’t overdo it. It’s amazing how many people at the gym trying to gain strength or mass are doing so many exercises when all they need are push-ups and pull-ups.

Remember you can always do better. If you feel like you aren’t making progress or standing still just keep telling yourself “I can do better”. Every record wasn’t a record until someone pushed harder and broke the previous one.

Day 74

P90X3 Yoga X Day 74. Yoga days are great. Nice and relaxing.
Changed my routine a bit due to waking up late. Listened to personal development during my workout.

Listening to a book about positive attitude. You attitude should have nothing to do with those around you or what happens to you. You have to create your own positive attitude by looking at the positive in everything rather than the negative. There is always something you can take or learn from the circumstances in your life.

Day 75

P90X3 Triometrics Day 75. Great workout today.

You’ll come across many people that won’t believe in your dreams of getting healthy and in shape, starting your own business, buying your dream house or car. This shouldn’t stop you from dreaming. I was reading a book that’s over 100 years old and the author is talking about dreams that people had to create the steam engine and I started thinking about all the things that we have today because people were dreaming big. It makes our dreams seem small compared to what some people did. Be grateful for the things we have that came from others dreams when people thought they couldn’t do it and called them crazy. Dream big for yourself and strive to reach those dreams.

Day 76

Just finished Day 76 of P90X3. Total Synergistics today. Total body workout with mostly bodyweight, dumbbell and a pull-up bar.

If you plan on reaching your goal make sure you are setting SMART Goals. I went for years and years without setting goals and didn’t achieve much. Once I started setting goals I started reaching them.

Make sure your goals are:

Specific — what exactly do you want to achieve.

Measurable — Can you measure your starting place and finish?

Action Oriented — What actions can you take to achieve them.

Realistic — Make sure they are attainable but you are stretched to do so.

Time Based — Set a deadline. An exact date you will reach them and write it down.

Check out more tips for setting goals here http://darrenletourneau.com/10-tips-for-setting-your-health-and-fitness-goals/

Day 77

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P90X3 Transformation

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