P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 10

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Just finished week 10. Only 3 weeks to go after after this. Starting to do some more upper body exercises and my shoulder feels like I can get back to the schedule without substituting the workouts.

My P90X3 Transformation Vlog Week 10

P90X3 Transformation Day 64

P90X3 workout Day 64 Accelerator today. Following it up with MMX cardio tomorrow. 2 Cardio days in a row. I also did the 21 Day Fix 10 minute ab fix. Wow that’s a lot of different crunches. I was done after 2 minutes. Tough routine.

I was just looking back at “The Slight Edge” book that I’ve read a couple times. He talks about how 5% will succeed and 95% won’t. This applies to anything in life. The reason that 5% succeed is because they are staying consistent with their daily activities and doing what is easy not to do. Just keep pushing play each day and you’ll be in the 5%.

Day 65

P90X3 workout Day 65 MMX workout today. Lots of jabs, punches, hooks and sprawls. Awesome cardio workout for fat burning.

I was just thinking about the story of the penny doubling. Most people would take the 3 million dollars on day one versus waiting for the penny to double each day for the month and end at 10 million. The same goes for your transformation. Many start expecting to see great results at first and give up when they don’t see anything happening fast. It’s going to take time to those results to compound each day. So stick with it an keep doing the little things each day.

Day 66

P90X3 Yoga X Day 66 today. I also did some Beast abs from Body Beast. It’s a little bit slower than the fast pace of 10 Minute Ab Fix form 21 Day Fix.

I was reading about how we fill things to their capacity and will eat more if we have a bigger plate or container that the food is on or in. Some guys were doing an experiment with popcorn. They had 2 different size containers and noticed that people with the bigger container ate more than the smaller even though the people with the smaller container didn’t finish theirs. Be careful when filling your plate at home or when you go out. Try using a smaller plate and going up twice that way when you go for the second helping you may already feel that you are full and eat less.

Day 67

P90X3 Triometrix Day 67 done. I also got to shovel snow for 1 hour and 15 minutes after. Going to be sore tomorrow. I make sure to use different technique so I evenly distribute the soreness.

What are Warrior 3 Squats. In this video I’ll show you how to do Warrior 3 Squats. The balancing part is the toughest.

Day 68

P90X3 Pilates X Day 68. Also did 10 minutes of Beast Abs. Getting ready for the Beachbody Success Club Cruise in 1.5 weeks. Going to meet up with lots of cool coaches.

Are you Minimizing the Self Control You are Burning. You only have so much self control and when you keep foods around that you shouldn’t be eating it starts using up that self control and then you start doing other things you shouldn’t be doing as well. By keeping foods out of site, not buying them in the first place and not having small change to go to the vending machines you can limit the amount of self control you are using.

Day 69

Wow that was a tough workout. Finished Eccentric Lower and did 10 minute Beast Abs.

Lexington wakes up and is upset that he didn’t get to PUSH PLAY. He takes out the DVD and tells me to put in another. 21 Day Fix “10 minute fix for abs”…

Lyndon wakes up, comes downstairs and says “Daddy, Are you doing mommy’s workout?”

My abs are done… and believe it or not the 21 Day Fix ab workout is tougher than the Body Beast abs.

I have some tough trainers. Longest workout I’ve done in years and still under 60 minutes.

If you find that you are struggling with things or something isn’t working as it used to take a look back at what was happening when it was working. You may have changed something along the way. Some days you may find that you are more stressed out than others. What happens on the days that are less stressful and positive vs the days that are stressful and negative. Try to adjust to do more of what works.

Day 70

P90X3 Dynamix Day 70. 20 days to go. Pushing hard this week, taking next week off from the workouts to workout with Tony Horton, Shawn T and Autumn live on the cruise.

I’ll continue on with the last 2 weeks when I get back.

How to minimize temptation. You will be tempted on your transformation journey by foods, or tempted to not do your workout. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out what gets you in that situation.

When are you tempted. Is it a certain day or time?

Where are you tempted to miss your workout or eat unhealthy foods? Is it at home, school, work, restaurant.

Who makes me tempted to eat unhealthy or skip my workout? Is it friends, family, co-workers or when you are by yourself.

How do you feel when you don’t want to workout or eat unhealthy foods? Is it when you are tired, stressed out, bored, depressed or worried?

These should help you to identify what is distracting your from staying focused on you plan.

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P90X3 Transformation

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