P90X3 vs Focus T25

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Many people want to know the vertict of P90X3 vs T25. Is one really better than the other? These are two of the newest Beachbody Programs that were released in 2013. I have completed the Alpha, Beta and Gamma cycles of Focus T25 and I am into my third week of P90X3. There are many differences in the program even though they are the same price.

P90X3 vs T25

P90X3 vs T25 – Which program is better for me?

One program isn’t better than the other, it’s more about which program is better for you to help you reach your goal.

Who’s the Trainer?

The trainer in the P90X3 DVD’s is Tony Horton (left). You’ve probably already seen him from P90X, P90X2 or the 10 minute trainer.

Shawn T (right) is the trainer in the Focus T25 DVD’s. Most people know him from Insanity, Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs.

Tony Horton vs Shawn T

How Long Is The Program?

The P90X3 program is a 13 week or 90 day program. The first 2 blocks are 4 weeks each and the 3rd block is 5 weeks.

Focus T25 is a 10 week or 70 day program. The alpha and beta cycles are each done for 5 weeks (35 days)

How Long is Each Workout?

The P90X3 workouts are each 30 minutes with a 1-4 minute cool down added to the end. There is also a cold start option that you can do as a warm-up if you are just getting up or it’s cold. The cold start is about 10-15 minutes. I have only done the cold start 1 time so I don’t even consider this as part of the overall workout length.

Focus T25 workouts are 25 minutes long and there is also a 3-4 minute cool down at the end. If you are doing the doubles back to back on Friday it will take you about an hour.

What Workouts are Included in the Base Kit?

P90X3 includes 16 workouts in its basic package. Ordering through a coach you also get the bonus “On One Leg” workout.

Focus T25 includes 10 workouts and 1 stretch workout as well. Ordering through a coach you also get the bonus “Core Speed” workout.

What Additional Workouts are Available?

The P90X3 workout also has the option of getting 3 additional workouts which are comprehensive upper, comprehensive lower and ab ripper X3.

Focus T25 workout also has the Gamma option. These workouts focus more on resistance training with weights.

What are the schedules like for P90X3 and Focus T25?

The P90X3 workout schedule is broken down into 3 blocks. The first 2 blocks are done for 3 weeks plus a 1 week recovery. The third block is 4 weeks with 1 week recovery. There are 3 schedule options which are Classic, Lean and Mass. I’m currently doing the classic since I don’t really want to bulk or need to lose any weight. For those with more weight to lose I recommend doing the lean option. If you want to add some size then go for the mass option. All of these options can be done with the basic kit.

See the P90X3 schedule here –> P90X3 Schedule

Focus T25 comes with Alpha and Beta workouts. They are each done for 5 weeks. Monday thru Thursday there is 1 workout scheduled, Friday has 2 workouts scheduled, Saturday is a rest day and Sunday is stretching. You can do Friday’s workouts back to back or one in the morning and the other in the evening. There are many times that I simply did the first workout on Friday and the second on Saturday so that I didn’t have to fit 1 extra workout into my daily routine.

What equipment is required?

The P90X3 workouts require you to have some dumbbells or a resistance band as well as a pull-up bar or resistance band that you can attach overhead.

T25 comes with a set of resistance bands that you can use for the workouts. I decided that I wanted to use dumbbells instead because I found it took me too much time to set up the bands. Once you get used to it it won’t take so long. There is an option to also use a pullup bar but only one guy in the video is actually using it. The other people use the bands/dumbbells.

Who can do these workout programs?

Both of these programs say they are for anyone however on the Beachbody site when you click the beginner option P90X3 isn’t highlighted. They do both have a modifier doing the workouts that you can follow. The modifying moves in Focus T25 do seem to be easier than the modifier moves in P90X3.

If you have an extreme amount of weight to lose it would probably be easier for you to start with Focus T25 to lose some of the extra weight before attempting P90X3. It’s still up to the person though because there are some people that lost a lot of weight doing the original P90X.

P90X3 vs T25 Which program is better?

These are both excellent programs. It just depends on what your goals and the type of workout you are looking for. If you are looking for a workout that is focused more on cardio then Focus T25 is most likely for you. If you are looking for an overall program with yoga, pilates, resistance training, agility, cardio then I would go with P90X3.

Which program should I do?

The program that you do is totally up to you. It all depends on what your goals are. There is a video for each workout below that you can watch to see which one you will have more fun doing because in addition to your goals you have to somewhat like doing it so you will have a better chance sticking with the program.

P90X3 Video

Focus T25 Video



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