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P90 was created by Tony Horton and has replaced the old Power 90. There are 2 schedules you can utilize for this workout. The sweat schedule is for people that want more cardio to burn more fat and the sculpt schedule is for those that have less to lose and want to focus more on resistance training.



P90 Calendar

There is one calendar for each of the 2 schedules. The sculpt calendar and the sweat calendar.

P90 Schedule

The P90 schedule includes 3 phases. In each phase the workouts get slightly longer and more intense to build on the previous phase.

There are 2 schedule options.

  • Sweat based schedule – Sweat workout on Monday , Wednesday, Friday. Sculpt workout on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is the Saturday Special.
  • Sculpt based schedule – Sculpt workout on Monday , Wednesday, Friday. Sweat workout on Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is the Saturday Special.

P90 has 3 phases.

Each phase has 2 workouts plus an ab ripper.

P90 Workouts

Phase A – The foundation


Sweat A (25 min) – 8 Simple and fun moves that will burn lots of calories.


Sculpt A (28 min) – The foundation that uses basic movements to help you get strong safely.


Ab ripper A (8 min) – 10 Intense core moves that help you build the foundation for a six pack.


Phase B


Sweat B (32 min) – Increase your energy and power with this intense calorie torching workout.

Sculpt B (31 min) – Build on your foundation with these endurance and strength moves.


Ab ripper B (14 min) – Increase the intensity with these 5 new core techniques.


Phase C


Sweat C (36 min) – Fun and Intense new movements for a new body. Burn fat and test your endurance.


Sculpt C (42 min) – Strength, balance, flexibility and endurance all in one.


Ab ripper C (15 min) – A variety of plan positions for putting the finishing touches on your six pack.


Saturday Special (25 min) – The weekend workout for keeping it fun. It’s a core cardio workout that is super-efficient and high velocity.


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