INSANITY MAX 30 Workout Release Date

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Beachbody just announced that it will be releasing INSANITY MAX 30 on December 2nd 2014. This is really EXCITING NEWS for all those Insanity fans that want great results in only 30 minutes.

UPDATE: Program is now available. Click here to check it out!


What is Insanity Max 30?

This NEW workout follows Insanity asylum in the Insanity line of workouts. It’s created by celebrity trainer Shaun T. “It will be the hardest 30 minutes of your day.”

Who is Insanity Max 30 for?

This program is NOT for beginners. I would recommend at least doing Focus T25 before so you are at least in decent shape before attempting this program. Unlike the regular Insanity there is a modifier in the program so even if you aren’t in the best shape possible you can still keep up. There is an option that allows you to choose if you want to watch just the modifier or just Shaun T. It’s a pretty cool option because I’ve done workouts before with a modifier and sometimes they aren’t always on the screen.


What are the workouts like?

This workout program will push you harder than ever before. It has over 150 new moves and sequences that will keep you guessing every time. Some of the workouts include a cardio challenge (fit test), sweat intervals (tabata style workout) and Friday Fight (pure cardio workout).

Each of the workouts is 30 minutes long and the program is 60 days. There are 2 phases that each consist of 30 days. The workouts are all bodyweight and don’t require any equipment.

Insanity Max 30 Test group and More Info

Program is now available. Click here to check it out!

Insanity Max 30 test group

What is the meal plan like?

The meal plan has been designed so you can make use of the containers from the 21 day fix if you already have this program. This is the first program that does this because Beachbody found that many people liked the containers and wanted to apply it to other programs.


What do they mean by MAX?

The workouts are designed to push you to your MAX. The goal isn’t to get through the entire 30 minutes, it’s about going as hard as possible for as long as you can before “MAXING OUT”.

There is a timer at the bottom of the screen so when you MAX OUT you can record your time. Once you cannot go any longer with great form you write down your MAX OUT time. When you are ready, go back in and continue with the workout.

Your first time may only be a few minutes but each workout you should be able to improve your MAX OUT times.

What is included with the program?

More details to follow. The portion control containers are NOT included. The nurtition guide specifies what containers you can use if you already have the containers from the 21 day fix and would like to use them.


Insanity Max 30 Trailer Video

How much is the program?

The program will be $119.95 USD and you will also be able to get it as a package with Shakeology at a discounted price. The challenge pack will be $205 and most likely on sale for December.

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