Insanity Max 30 Week 6 Blog

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I’m on week 6. 3 weeks to go. I can see the compound effect of my efforts starting to add up. The hardest part is sticking with nutrition.

I always tend to start and then it fades away.

That’s why I find it good to create several go to meals that you have each day so you stay consistent.

Insanity Max 30 Week 6 Blog

Day 36

January 12th

#imaxedout at 6:10 today.

Added 1 minute to my time from last week.

Lyndon (my son) told me I was doing the move wrong lol.

My form was off so I had to take a break and focus on getting the move right first.

Next time I’ll figure out this move.

It was balance knee pulls and I was putting my foot on the ground instead of balancing and keeping it in the air.

Just gotta keep getting better.

Day 37

January 13th

#imaxedout today at 8:55. I added 1:55 to my time from last week.

Those squat pulses got me this time.

Pulsing is a great way to get more out of your muscles without a full movement or low impact.

You can also just hold a pose in squat position or lunge position and get a lot out of your muscles.

These moves are usually towards the end of the circuit.

It’s all about continuous improvement.

Day 38

January 14th

#imaxedout at 6:57 and 3:17 for max out sweat and ab attack 10.

Increased my time by over a minute but decreased my time on the ab workout after.

Shaun T says this is his toughest workout yet but I think that the Friday Fight Round 2 is the toughest.



Day 39

January 15th

#imaxedout at 6:56 today.

Added 3 seconds to my time from last week.

This Max Out Strength workout is tough.

Focuses on quads, triceps, chest and abs.

I maxed out during the squat hop, lunge hop combo.

My quads were on fire.

And the tricep circuit isn’t easy either.

I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Even in the push-up department which I though I was pretty good at.

Day 40

January 16th

#imaxedout at 5:51.

I added another 30 seconds to my time.

This workout really plays tricks on your mind.

I believe it was the split lunge diamond jumps that got me.

If that was even an exercise.

It’s all a blur.

Most of the cast maxed out between 6-7 during side to side jumps.

You think that you can’t do it but you can.

It’s tough but it all comes down to belief.

If you believe you can do it.. YOU CAN!

If you don’t, you are already done.

2 weeks to go!

Darren Letourneau

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