Insanity Max 30 Week 2

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Insanity Max 30 week 2 begins now. I did some foam rolling on Saturday and stretching on Sunday. I’m so used to working out every day that I needed to do something. In a few weeks I’ll add in the pulse workout to try it out.

Insanity Max 30 Transformation Week 2

Day 8

December 15th

Just finished Cardio Challenge Day 8.

I maxed out earlier than last time.

7:00 this time. Last week 9:07.

Why did I max out earlier you ask?

I am clearer on what maxing out is now.

Watched a video by Shaun T that shows what maxing out is.

It’s not when you have to take a break like he says in the video. It’s when you can’t stay consistent with the exercise movement or your form starts to dip.

I just started to slow down to where I wasn’t staying consistent.

The workout didn’t feel any easier this week.

I think my calves are doing better now, so there is some improvement.

Tabata power tomorrow…. Eeeek!

Day 9

December 16th

Maxed out at 7:35 today.

I was able to get through the full tabata power workout.

No locking up of my abs this time around.

Maxed out during split lunge punches.

The first two times for this workout I maxed out at 6:20 and 5:40 so this was a big improvement.

Once my legs start getting stronger my max out times will start to increase.

Those tricep pushups felt better too.

Looked in the mirror and I think my love handles are getting smaller.

I’ll take some pics on Sunday to see my 2 week results.

So far I’ve been pretty good following the nutrition plan.

The portion containers keep it super simple.


 Day 10

December 17th

Today’s workout was sweat intervals.

I maxed out at 7:45. Last week I maxed out at 7:20.

I was pushing hard to make it past last week’s time.

I decided I wanted more punishment so I did the ab attack 10 workout afterwards.

I maxed out at 0:52.

Yes 52 seconds.

There were 10 abdominal exercises for about a minute each.

There were some great exercises I hadn’t done before.

What I noticed at the end of the workout.

When the people in the workout announced their max out time, most of them maxed out after 8 minutes or more.

There was one guy that maxed out at just over 1 minute.

The funny thing was he was the guy with the best looking, most defined abs.

So that just goes to prove that you don’t have to have super strong abs or even a lot of endurance for ab exercises to have a great six pack.

It all comes down to being lean enough so your abs are visible.

Focus on your nutrition and your abs will appear.

Day 11

December 18th

Tabata power again today.

#imaxedout at 9:48.

A big improvement from last week and Tuesday.

Just that little push can get you to that next break or next movement and you can go that much further.

Day 12

December 19th

#‎imaxedout‬ at 8:00.

Once I saw those in and out abs with toe touch my brain couldn’t even figure out what was going on.

There was no break until the 15 minute mark.

And only 2 breaks afterwards.

This is definitely the most challenging workout of the week.

It’s insane.

Your mind starts to play tricks on you during this one.

The lower part of my calves were on fire.

I’m going to have huge calves after insanity max 30 is complete.



Day 14

December 21st

I decided to try the pulse workout today.

I was kind of scared that it would be another intense workout and not much recovery. Shaun T had said it would be recovery but not your normal recovery.

It wasn’t too bad.

Sometimes we make things out to be worse or harder than they actually are.

15 minutes in he said there was only 5 min left.

Sweet.. only 20 minutes.

There were some pulsing moves and stretching.

Also some core and ab exercises.

I didn’t really sweat but you might sweat a little.

No high impact here and even modifiers do the same workout.

I won’t mind doing this one on the weekend each week.

I wasn’t going to do the schedule with pulse but I have decided I will now.

Try to fit it in on Saturday’s when possible, if not Sundays.


Darren Letourneau

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