Insanity Max 30 Week 1

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Each day of the Insanity Max 30 I will be writing about my workout and experience with the program. I plan on creating one post per week and adding to it each day as the week goes on.

Insanity Max 30 Week 1

December 8th – December 14, 2014

Insanity Max 30 Day 1

December 8th, 2014

Today was my first day of max 30.

Just received it yesterday.

Apparently during the holidays they are delivering parcels on Sundays.

I had expected to receive it during the week so I was going to start next Monday.

But I was kind of excited and this week would have just dragged on if I didn’t start it.

The “cardio challenge” workout was today.

That is the most I’ve pushed myself in a while. #imaxedout

I maxed out at 9:07.

About 1:45 in my calves were burning.

I started slowing down a bit but didn’t stop till the 9:07.

When I got back in I kept following Shaun T but on some of the higher impact moves I tend to follow the modifier if it’s really difficult.

I don’t really care for a lot of jumping, with the modifier you can eliminate it.

What I liked about the workout so far:

  • At the beginning Shaun T talks while the warnings and disclaimers are on the screen. This is a little bit of motivation getting you ready for the workout.
  • Shaun T is always motivating you during the workout.
  • The 30 second breaks start a bit before the minute mark so you get a chance to stand up or at least stop to get ready for the break.
  • You can choose the modifier track so the camera will stay on the modifier for the full workout.

My water boy had to refill my water part way through the workout.

Lex “Daddy why you go ahhhhh!”. “Daddy why your face watery?”

Kids say the funniest things. #nofilter

It’s going great so far.

Hopefully I can walk tomorrow.

Day 1 Insanity Max 30 I maxed out!

Day 2

December 9th

Got up this morning and my calves are a bit sore. Not as bad as I expected.

Had my E & E.

Tabata Power workout today.

The moves are shorter in time and there was 15 seconds of low intensity in between the moves.

I maxed out at 6:20 during the lunge punches (I think).

At the end of the ab circuit I could barely get up and my abs locked up.

You don’t need a separate ab workout when you have tabata power.

Not sweating as much as yesterday (probably because I had more breaks).

Love the pump up talk by Shaun T at the beginning and end of the workouts.

Let the video play after the workout today and each of the people in the video stepped forward and said their “max out” time followed by the exercise that made them max out.

That was pretty cool.



Day 3

December 10th

Just finished Sweat Intervals.

You definitely do sweat.

Similar style to the cardio challenge from Day 1.

Quote of the workout was.

“This is going to kill you but you will still live.” – Shaun T

I maxed out at 7:20.

I started slowing down on those push-up punches and it was over.

The warm-up is similar to the cardio challenge.

You’re claves will be on fire during the first 5 minutes.

I can already tell my legs are going to be so much stronger from doing this workout.

I haven’t worked out this hard since high school when I was on the rowing club.

Insanity Max 30.. Makes you feel like you are in high school again!

Remember to have a good recovery drink. I use Results and Recover formula with Shakeology.


Day 4

December 11th

Tabata power workout again today.

This is on the second and fourth day for the first two weeks.

I maxed out at 5:40. Earlier than last time.

During the pushups my triceps gave out and I was unable to finish them.

Got back in for the next circuit which was abs.

Finished the split leg punches on the floor.

After that my abs were done and I couldn’t complete the next circuit.

Got back in for the last round.

I think I may have missed 10 minutes of the workout.

I’ll just keep failing till I get stronger.


Day 5

December 12th

Day 5 Max 30

I got in a fight this morning.

Not really sure who won.

It was between my MIND and my BODY.

I don’t know who won.

My mind kept saying “KEEP GOING”.

And my body said “STOP”.

My calves were on fire and I wanted to give up in the first 2 minutes.

But I kept pushing and made it to 6:15.

And when Shaun T called me out saying “Darren you can do it”, (there is a Darren in the video) it gave me that extra burst of energy. And I kept pushing forward.

Even though my body didn’t want to.

Week 1 is now complete.

Just remember.

The real fight is getting your mind to want change.

If you aren’t changing on the inside first, the outside changes won’t last.

Have a great weekend!

Darren Letourneau



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