Insanity Max 30 Vlog Week 4

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WOW I’m on week 4.

I hate this program but I love it.

I feel like I have a goal for every workout.

To increase my max time from the week before.

If it wasn’t for that I would probably max out so much earlier and not push myself.

So far this has been a great way to push myself more each time and I’m also more accountable since I’m posting about it each day.

Insanity Max 30 Vlog Week 4

Day 22

December 29nd

Cardio Challenge today.

#imaxedout at 8:45.

Getting close to that second break.

Did a quick measurement today and I’m down 1 inch on my waist and up an inch on my calves. This was after the workout today. Though I would have gained during Christmas festivities.

Ready to really push myself for this last week of the first month.

Shaun T’s going to kick it up a notch for the 2nd month.

It’s going to be a challenge.


Day 23

December 30th

It’s my 3rd time doing Tabata Strength.

Last week I maxed out at 7:48.

Today #imaxedout at 10:40.

I made it through the plie squats… and on to the next 10 second recovery exercise.

That got me to an easier exercise and to the diamond push-ups which I started to struggle with after a few minutes.

It’s going to be tough adding time to this max out time on Thursday.

I think that the following exercise was the downward dog push-ups.

A few people in the video didn’t max out during the workout.

I have some work to do.

Day 24

December 31st

Just finished Sweat Intervals and Ab Attack.

Another increase in my max times.

I maxed out at 9:50 and 3:56.

I was so close to the break. Another 10 seconds and I would have at least added 30 seconds to that time.

The ab attack workout I was 4 seconds away from the next exercise.

I was dripping sweat all over the floor at the end of the workout.

Half way through the 4th week.

Excited about the new workouts in week 5.

Day 25

January 1st


I just maxed out at 10:43.

A gain of 3 seconds from Tuesday’s time.

Those diamond push-ups got me again.

That was my only break during the workout.

Those people in the video must be in AWESOME shape to make it through the full workout without maxing out.

I have some work to do.

One more day and then on to the 2nd month.

Day 26

January 2nd

I maxed out at 8:40 today during the Friday Fight workout.

I added 3 seconds to my time from last week.

Following my max out I did a lot of modifying.

This was the most challenging workout of the 5 month 1 workouts.

Next week I start month 2 with the max workouts that are even more challenging.

I’m scared!

Insanity max 30 week 4


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