Insanity Max 30 Transformation Vlog Week 5

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I made it to Month 2 of Insanity Max 30. There are 5 new workouts and the schedule is similar to the first month. Monday Cardio, Tuesday Power, Wednesday Intervals, Thursday Strength and Friday Fight.

Insanity Max 30 Transformation Vlog Week 5

Day 29

January 5

Just did the first workout of Month 2 and #imaxedout at 5:10.

This was during the warm-up.

Those plank jacks with 1 arm punch are pretty tough.

If I can add another 20 seconds next time I’ll make it to the first break.

There are some new moves I was still getting used to.

Genie jumps were pretty tough. I hadn’t done those before today.

Day 30

January 6th

Another great workout today.

#IMAXEDOUT at 7:00.

I have a bit of a cold but still pushed through.

My quads were on fire.

Most of the people in the video maxed out at around the 13 minute mark during the plyo pushups.

My triceps were on fire and I kept taking extra breaks.

The warmup during this workout wasn’t as exhausting as some of the other warmups which was nice.

Each day I look forward to increasing my time. It’s a mini goal that pushes me to do better.

Day 31

January 7th

Max Out Sweat workout today.

#imaxedout at 5:17.

This was so far the toughest workout.

You’ll need a towel for this one.

There were some pretty tough moves like one arm burpees and plank jacks with one arm punch.

I did a lot of modifying and took extra breaks.

I was still sweating like crazy at the end of this workout.

Remember to rehydrate after this one.

Good thing I got my Results & Recovery formula and Shakeology.

You’ll need it.

Now time to go watch Shaun T on LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Day 32

January 8th

#imaxedout at 6:53 during the Max Out Strength workout.

My quads were on fire.

The first circuit works your quads with a squats and lunges combo.

It feels like it’s never going to end.

After that it’s the push-ups circuit.

My triceps gave out.

I have never done so many push-ups in my life.

Plank jack pushups, side to side push-ups. As the circuit goes on the exercises get easier but your muscle are just so maxed out it doesn’t feel any easier.

Just take a break when you need it and get back in.

Friday Fight round 2 tomorrow..


Day 33

January 9th

#imaxedout at 5:20 during the Max Out Friday Fight workout.

This workout felt like it was never going to end.

Now this is the toughest workout of the program.

I think the first break was at the middle of the workout.

I’m still trying to catch my breath.

The good thing.

There is so much room for improvement.

So I won’t have to worry about outgrowing this workout.

3 weeks to go.


Darren Letourneau

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