Insanity Max 30 Review

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Insanity Max 30 is the newest Beachbody program just released on December 2nd, 2014.

The workout was created by Shaun T who is also the creator of Insanity, Insanity the Asylum, Rocking body, Focus T25 and Hip Hop Abs.

Who is Insanity Max 30 for?

Unlike the original Insanity program, Insanity Max 30 is for anybody. There is a modifier in the workout that you can see on the screen at all times to show you how to do the workout with less impact.

The modifier slows down the movements and focuses on range of motion, focuses on form and endurance.

Beginners do have to make sure that their mind wants to do the workout because it’s not for people with excuses or people that are lazy.

Low impact mofidier

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T is a celebrity personal trainer that was born in New Jersey. He attended Rowan University in New Jersey and studied sports science.

He has created several workout programs for Beachbody including:

2007 – Hip Hop Abs which flipped the fitness industry upside down.

2008 – Rockin Body, Shaun T’s fit kids club and Get Real with Shaun T.

2009 – Insanity and Insanity Asylum

2013 – Focus T25

2014 – December 2nd Insanity Max 30

You may have even seen him on talk shows, news shows or in his work with Nike or the Lakers.

He is always challenging himself to create new ways to challenge his fans.


Do you need equipment for this workout?

This workout is all bodyweight exercises so it doesn’t require any equipment.


What is the Max 30 Calendar Schedule like?

The workout schedule is 2 blocks that are each 4 weeks long. One workout is scheduled each day from Monday to Friday. The weekends are rest days.

Insanity max 30 month 1

The block 1 / month 1 workouts include:

You’ll find 2 crazy cardio workouts and 2 crazy strength workouts and end with and insane Friday challenge.

Cardio Challenge – 30 Minutes of challenging cardio sequences.

Sweat Intervals – 30 minutes of calorie scorching cardio.

Tabata Power – Get ready to beg for mercy. Tabata style 20 seconds on , 10 seconds off of power moves.

Tabata Strength – It’s a no rest Tabata style strength workout.

Friday Fight Round 1 – Battle of your mind and body in this calorie scorcher.

Insanity max 30 month 2

The block 2 / month 2 workouts include:

Month 2 explodes with 5 new workouts that will have you feeling like you are starting all over again.

Max Out Cardio – Possibly the craziest cardio ever. The first power move is killer.

Max Out Sweat – The harder you push the more you sweat the more you burn.

Max out strength – You’ll be working your arms, shoulders chest and core. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off tabata style routine.

Max Out Power – Tabata style plyometric power workout with 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off.

Friday Fight Round 2 – “Hardest Workout Ever”. Each move is 1 minute. The ultimate mind and body challenge.

Extra workouts

Ab Attack – A 10 minute workout that attacks your abs for rock hard results.

Pulse – It’s a low impact combination of stretching and small pulsing movements. Not your typical recovery workout. More of a Shaun T style recovery that will have you feeling the burn.

There is also the bonus workout “Sweat Fest” which is an old school insanity type workout that was recorded live in New York. This bonus workout is included if you purchase through your coach.

Is there a fit test?

Unlike the original insanity this program doesn’t have a specific fit test workout. Each workout in the program is a fit test because you will be recording your Max Out time each workout to see how you are progressing from the week before.

max out fit test

Max Out, What does that mean?

Maxing out is when you get to the point that you need an unscheduled break from the workout. At this time you will record your max out time, take a break and jump back into the workout.

The objective is to push yourself to your max each workout and improve on your max from the week before. Celebrate that you pushed yourself and that you are improving.

You do not pause anytime during the workout when you max out or take a break. Just keep letting it run and jump back in when you are ready.

It’s pretty cool since you can see if you are progressing and getting better at the workout. Too many people focus on the scale or how they look in their before and after pictures. This is one of the first workouts that will show you and accurate measurement of how your cardio and endurance have improved throughout the workout.


Insanity Max 30 Nutrition Guide

One of the things that Shaun T is big on is portion control. There are so many diets and nutrition plans out there but it all comes down to portion control for losing weight. It shouldn’t be thought of as a negative thing.

The plan focuses on making sure you are getting the right amounts of foods and eating them at the right times so you can eat again sooner.

Most people tend to miss meals during the day so this will help train your body so it tells you when it’s time to eat and even growl at you when you forget to eat. You’ll be eating the right amounts of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and this will make you feel better and stay on track for a longer time.

There is no guessing here. Everything in the guide will tell you what, how much and when to eat.


What changes have been made from the original Insanity?

The things that are different in max 30 include:

  • A modifier for each of the moves in the workouts.
  • The fit test is now every day when you max out instead of having an extra workout that needs to be done to accomplish this.
  • Workouts are only 30 minutes compared to the 40+ from Insanity.
  • The interval circuits are longer at 4.5 minutes instead of 2 minutes.
  • The exercises are set up to maximize your 30 seconds of recovery time so you get the full break.


Updated Review

Check out my journey as I go through Insanity Max 30

Insanity max 30 week 1 


How can I get Insanity Max 30?

There are a few options for purchasing this program.

You can find out about the options here and see if our test group is a fit for you.

For more info go here –>  Insanity Max 30 Test group

Insanity Max 30 test group

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