Insanity Max 30 Interview with Shaun T

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I got a chance to watch a webinar interview with Shaun T and he was asked questions about  Insanity Max 30.

Here are his answers to the questions that he was asked during the interview.

Insanity Max 30 Interview with Shaun T

Shaun T Bio

insanity max 30 shaun t

Shaun Thompson born in New Jersey. Went to Rowan University in New Jersey and studied sports science degree.

2007 – flipped the fitness industry upside-down and created a dance based workout hip hop abs.

2008 – Rockin Body as well as Shaun T’s fit kids club a and get real with Shaun T

He has appeared on talk shows, news shows, worked with Nike and the Lakers.

2009 – launched Insanity, insanity asylum

2013 – T25

Dec 2nd 2014 Insanity Max 30.

He is constantly outdoing himself, challenging himself and challenging everybody out there.

Now Shaun Blocker since married.


Why did you create a crazier program than we thought Asylum was?

Insanity Max 30 is not crazier than Insanity the Asylum.

It is crazier than Insanity because I basically took max interval circuit or max plyo and tried to put it all into 30 minutes.

It’s more about taking what people wanted from insanity and have a modifier.

Option where you can see the modifier the entire time.

Max 30 we brought in the tabata style training specifically for the power and strength workouts so they are specific.

So now when I say there are no weights or equipment your body is your equipment those days when you are focusing on strength, power and building muscle that’s literally what you are focusing on for that day.

Just digging deep as far as the cardiovascular system.


What is Tabata style training?

It’s kind of like HIIT training.

The normal tabata is 20 sec on 10 sec off for 8 rounds

What I did in month 1 of max 30 is 20 sec on 10 sec off for 8 rounds. What I did was drop sets with your own body. It starts with a high intensity push-up and each time and then followed by a lower intensity exercise. It gets a little bit easier in the movement but because you are maxing out your muscle you are able to finish it a little better because the movement but still have the muscle work and that’s how you build strength.

What I did in month 2 I did a little extra Shaun T style. It’s 45 sec on 15 seconds off, 6 rounds of HELL.

I don’t want to kill you I just want to make you stronger.


What is maxing out?

What is the ultimate goal? Is it to hit 30 minutes?

Generally speaking people will want to reach 30 minutes without stopping.

I don’t think I will ever be able to do that.

I just finished day 17. I’m putting myself in your position so when it’s released I can talk about it from a user experience and know what it’s like going through the program.

It’s about going as hard as you can go and pushing yourself when you have to take a break and you can celebrate that break and say I worked out really hard for these 5 minutes or 7 minutes and then afterwards take your break, write your time down, and you come back and completely start to focus on just making yourself stronger.

30 minute workout


Difference between Insanity and Insanity Max 30

There was a fit test every 2 weeks with insanity, so instead of having to do your workout and a fit test in insanity max 30 every day is a fit test.

You can compare to the week before when you did the workout and know that you are getting stronger when you have a better max time.

When you don’t think you’ll be able to get one minute longer the next week you’ll get there. You don’t’ think it’s working but it is. If you work hard, focus and your form is right you will have better max out times.

You are simply working on your personal best. There is no shame in stopping at your max.

Just keep increasing your personal best.


What happens when I hit a plateau?

Look at it like this. When would you literally hit a plateau in activity. When you are climbing a mountain. If you’ve hit a plateau you’ve succeeded to a height of 2000 feet. You should celebrate that you went that hard and hit a plateau, So not I’m on a flat land and have a new beginning. It should be a positive thing working so hard to get to a plateau. Now it’s time for me to work harder, go further, use my core, eat better, to enhance and get to the next plateau.


What is different about Insanity Max 30?

The way that I designed the movements. It’s not just “hey lets workout for 30 minutes”. You’ll notice in the workouts you are on the floor you go up, you go down, you go up, when you are restarting a move even though you feel like you’ve maxed out somewhere it’s like oh my I’ve changed the move and now I feel a little bit fresher.

Your heart rate will still be high but the muscle group that you are working is different. The other thing that is different is the intervals are different. Insanity was 4 moves, 30 sec with 30 sec break after the 4 moves. Max 30 is 3 moves 30sec each, 3 rounds. So after 1 circuit it’s 4.5 min instead of 2 minutes.

You do a little bit more, a little bit harder, a little bit longer,

Month 2 is 4.5 min plus a power move for a 5.5 min round and then you take your first break. And what’s amazing about that is for me is in this program I really wanted to focus on your recovery time.

If anyone out there has tried insanity and go back to that first day that 30 seconds felt like 2 seconds because you get up off the floor at second 28, trying to get some water and start the next round.

This program isn’t just so you are successful at working out. It’s to help you be successful if you run, ski, play basketball, tennis, hockey. These things are to enhance other parts of your life.

“I create programs not just to get you a six pack but to get you to be really like connect to yourself and to be self-motivated beyond the 60 days. Because for me if your body changes so what, if you don’t have fitness as a lifestyle it’s not going to continue. So for me when you’re in the push-up, you have no weights, no equipment, in that push-up position and have one more to do you are able to push yourself up of the floor with amazing form. You can literally at the end of that workout pat yourself on the back and say I did that. I didn’t have a dumbbell, and the entire time Shaun T (yes that’s me) is on the screen motivating you. You did it”

It just goes beyond the exercise and you gain a sense of empowerment. “I can’t believe that I did that”.

I can’t believe I made it 30 minutes

I can’t believe I went 1 minute longer today.

150 new moves max 30


Would you say it’s more of a mental challenge than a physical one? Is mindset really key here?

I would say it’s 100% mind because your body is only going to what your body can do. We all have a different beginning point. The first day that I ever worked out on my weight loss journey I wouldn’t’ have gotten as far as I would get today. When you think about it, it’s not about that, it’s about how far you can go today.

Me and you can be totally different fitness levels and not comparing ourselves to each other. If this is day 1 and you get 5 reps in that 30 seconds and I get 30 reps in that 30 seconds.   We can both say that it was really hard and we maxed out.

It’s for anyone that wants to take their body to peak physical condition.


Does it inspire you when you are creating a new workout? And you’ve just come out with a cool new move? Is that inspirational to you because don’t’ you think that all the moves have already been taken?

It’s exciting for me. What I do is lock me and some of my fitness friends in a room, or even some that aren’t as fit as us. I like to bring them in and out. It’s really fun to come up with new moves.

The fitness industry is saturated with how many squats you can do. And of course you need that for different muscle gain endurance and legs are your biggest muscle group and burn more calories.

When you come up with a different move or variation of a move it’s exciting because it feels different and it helps your body in a different way and uses different muscle groups.

Burpee/lunge. Go from a burpee to a lunge.


What about the Modifier?

Danielle and Scott are modifiers in the workouts. This is a very cool feature.

Danielle got fitter just from modifying with this program. Modifying is not a disease; it is not gender specific, or age specific. Anyone can modify. Modifying means that’s what your body needs at that given time to get through the workout.

Modifying for me allowed me to focus on my range of motion, and really slow down and have focus and control instead of worrying about speed. Speed can be amazing but so can just slowing down and having control. One of the great things about having a modifier is that you don’t just have to pitch that to maybe someone that never tried insanity before because they were scared of jumping. Certainly that is something that you can pitch to people but , that you can take out the impact and remove all the jumping. You can also pitch this for those that just have to start a little bit slower. Maybe you are newer to working out and not quite strong enough yet to do a push-up on your toes. They will still have intensity but take it to their knees and have good range of motion.

By having someone like Scott who is a strong male modifying, you see him sweating and getting a really taxing workout what this does is give people the opportunity to say anybody truly can do this workout. There is no reason that someone cannot begin insanity max 30. It will just be easier it doesn’t have to be less intensity. We just took out the impact, took it to our knees if we needed to, so our body could get through the movement and still have an effective workout.  So during shooting and testing she didn’t do one single full out workout and she got fitter during the entire process.

insanity low impact modifier


What does it mean to max out if you are the modifier?

The whole idea of maxing out is pushing to your maximum potential. It has nothing to do with how high you jump, it has nothing to do with how low you go into your push-up. Are you pushing yourself to you absolute maximum output? Where you need to take an unrecognized break that isn’t given to you.

When you are modifying if you are really focused on control, form and range of motion, you will absolutely max out. Scott and Danielle both do that.

The thing that is amazing about modifying is the control that you can have over your body. Try both and see the difference. The bigger the range of motion the bigger results.

Celebrate the fact that you are doing the modification and doing something. It’s still a hard workout and you’ll still get results.


Can a beginner start with Insanity Max 30?

Absolutely. A beginner can start as long as you’re mind wants to do it.

It’s not for a person that’s lazy, it’s not for a person that makes excuses, it’s only for the person that wants to take their body to peak physical condition.

Find your focus before you workout. Is it focus, form, endurance.


Month 1

Cardio Challenge – It’s your first workout and you kind of use it as your guide or first fit test.

Sweat Intervals is another cardio type. You’ll really be sweating. I designed this so you will sweat more than you ever sweat in your life.

Tabata Power – starts with some plyometrics and then comes down to where you are not jumping, it’s to generate power and even power in your push-up movement and power from the core. It has a really ridiculous ab block in there. One of the coaches in the test group said she was humbled by the ab section and she already has amazing abs. Shaun t thinks it’s hard too.

Tabata Strength

Friday Fight Round 1 – It’s a nightmare.

Ab Attack is a 10 minute ab workout that you do after cardio challenge. Straight core focus using your core because the rest of your body is already exhausted from cardio challenge.

It’s a 5 day a week program.

There is also a workout called pulse which you can do on Saturday which is optional. It’s more to focus on core, balance and form. It’s not for recovery.

Insanity Max 30 Workouts Month 1


Month 2

What makes month 1 different than month 2?

There is an extra 1 minute at the end of the blocks.

Max out cardio

Max out sweat

Max out power – tabata style, 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest. There are 6 rounds in it. With a little extra at the end.

Max out strength – tabata style, 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest.

Friday fight round 2 –

Sweat Fest – Oldschool insanity type workout. Only when you get your package through a coach. Recorded in New York. Shaun t actually did the full 30 minutes of the workout. Setup like the old insanity.

Insanity Max 30 Workouts Month 2


Why is it so important to record your workout?

People were writing their focus for the day. Physiologically as you start to see your calendar getting X’ed off and see yourself getting closer to the end you see yourself progressing more also the way to workout with this setup is when you write your max out time directly under it is the same workout so each week you can see how far you’ve gone.

Did I go a minute longer. When you go to do that workout for that day you can see what you did last week and even if you do 1 second longer it’s great because you are pushing yourself.


Nutrition Guide

Flexible eating and portion control.

I am big on staying healthy and watching your portions. There are so many nutrition plans and diets but definitely what makes it special is portion control Is amazing. What most people think it’s immediately a negative thing. Like oh you can’t eat that much. Portion control is managing your eating so you can eat again sooner.

The majority of people in this world are busy and find that some days they just aren’t eating. When you get into the portion control your body  is going to be like no I’m hungry your stomach is going to growl. Portion control have the right different fats proteins, carbohydrates. It makes you feel better because you stay on track longer. You never have to guess how much to eat. You’ll know how much to eat and when to eat.

The minute it gets hard is the minute you start getting results.

60 days no recovery week.

2 days off. By the time you get to Friday fight you with have to fight through the movement. Rest is so important. You don’t want to overtrain.

After the first week you will be so sore and want to workout Saturday. Take it off.



Find out more about how to get Insanity Max 30 here: http://darrenletourneau.com/at-home-workout-programs/insanity-max-30/insanity-max-30-test-group/

Insanity max 30 test group

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