Insanity Max 30 Blog Week 7

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It’s week 7 of Insanity max 30. I have 2 weeks to go till I’m finished this program.

It’s been great so far. I haven’t worked out this hard in a long time.

The program is really getting me to push myself.

Insanity Max 30 Blog Week 7

Day 43

January 19th

#imaxedout at 8:23 today.

That’s an extra 2 minutes and 13 seconds added to my time from last week.

How did I add so much time this week?

I believe it all has to do with personal development.

If you can get your mind right and motivated then it will push your body to do things you never though possible.

Most of our limits aren’t related to what our body can do but what our mind tells it to do.

Day 44

January 20th

#imaxedout at 12:04 today.

I added over 3 minutes to my time.

My mind just kept pushing my body further.

Maxed out at the pushup jacks.

Looks like everyone in the video is having a hard time once they get to the plyo pushups.

The exercises are 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off so it doesn’t take long to max out the muscle.

The exercise variations get easier but since you are starting to max out they get harder.

Confident that I’ll be able to add more time to this one next week and push myself further.

Day 45

January 21th

#imaxedout at 9:46 and 4:14.

Last week was 6:57 and 3:17 so I really pushed myself this week for a combined 3:46 added to my time.

It may seem like you aren’t getting anywhere because of such a small increase but once it starts to compound your times will just take off.

Day 46

January 22nd

#imaxedout at 7:46.

Added almost a minute to my time.

Those double hop squat, double lunges got me again.

My quads were on fire.

The push-ups and abs circuits are pretty tough too.

You can modify the pushups by using your knees.

It’s still tough.

Day 47

January 23rd

#imaxedout at 6:20.

Didn’t add much time to my max time but got a GREAT workout.

Those double lunge, squat jumps get you.

My legs are so much stronger since starting this workout but I still have a long ways to go.

One more week to complete this program.

Looking forward to seeing my results and getting my free max 30 shirt.


Darren Letourneau

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