Does Insanity Max 30 have a modifier?

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Yes it does.

At first I thought I would just try out some of the workouts but since I found out that there is a modifier and the workout can be done by beginners it makes me want to try the full program from start to finish.

It’s still a tough workout. If your mind is in it, you aren’t lazy and you don’t make excuses then you can do it.

The biggest challenge for this workout is the mental challenge.

It’s 100% mind.

Everyone starts at a different place in their transformation.

Your focus has to be on how far you can go today!

Who is the Modifier in Insanity Max 30?

The workout has 2 modifiers. Danielle and Scott.

The unique feature with this workout is that you can focus in on the modifier so you can see what they are doing the entire workout.

Should I follow the modifier for Insanity Max 30?

Some of the reasons that you may want to follow the modifier would be:

  • scared of jumping.
  • don’t like high impact moves
  • you like to start your workout a little bit slower
  • you haven’t worked out before or haven’t worked out in a while.
  • You aren’t strong enough yet.


Can you still max out if you are modifying?

Maxing out is about pushing yourself to your full potential.

Maxing out is when you need to take an unscheduled break during the workout. Just because you aren’t doing the high impact moves doesn’t mean you won’t be pushing yourself.

Modifiers should focus on form, control and range of motion like the modifier in the videos. Both Scott and Danielle are still maxing out and they are in pretty good condition already.

Realize that modifying isn’t age specific, gender specific, and it’s not a disease.

If I’m having trouble with a move or it’s just too high impact for me I’ll switch over to the modifier. During other workouts I’ll follow the modifier when it gets to be too much for me so I can stay in the workout.

For insanity max 30 the objective of the workout is to max out so I’ll have to adjust and stick with the regular or modifier so I can get an accurate max out time.

I’ll be starting off following the modifier for the first week to get adjusted to the workouts.

Do you ever modify the moves when you workout?

5 Day’s till release!

If you missed any of the other emails/posts about Insanity Max 30 you can find them here: http://darrenletourneau.com/category/at-home-workout-programs/insanity-max-30/


Darren Letourneau

UPDATE: Program is now available. Click here to check it out!

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