Cize Beachbody Dance Workout

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What is Cize?

Cize is Beachbody’s NEWEST Dance program created by Shaun T. it’s like your own dance studio in your own home. The routines are like dance courses that help you master professionally choreographed routines step-by-step.

Cize the end of exercise

What type of exercise is Cize?

Cize is mostly cardio and core. You’ll be dancing around and before you know it you’ll be sweating. This isn’t boring cardio. You’ll be having fun dancing to the moves.

What songs are in the Cize program?

The CIZE IT UP songs are some of the hottest music originally recorded by artists like Bruno Mars, Timbaland, Destiny’s Child, Adriana Grande, Sia, Missy Elliott and LL Cool J.

Fun Dance Workout

Who is Cize for?

Cize is for anyone that wants to have fun getting in shape. It’s for people that don’t want to feel like they are exercising. It doesn’t matter if you have dance experience or not.

Cize is also for those that just want to improve their dance moves. You can go through the routines over and over until you perfect them and then take them to the clubs with the popular songs that the dances are for.

If you are looking for a way to get your family up and moving this is also a good way to get them involved in exercise without them feeling like it is exercise. Great for bonding with each other and just having a good time.

Everyone can dance

What are the Cize routines like?

The Cize routines are broken down step-by-step as you go so you can learn them. Shaun will build on each move until you can do the full routine and then bust a move with the popular song for that routine.

How long is the program?

Cize is a 4 week program. If you decide you are a beginner it may take you longer to master the routines. For the beginner schedule they recommend mastering the routine before moving onto the next routine.

Cize Schedule and Calendar

Click here for the Cize schedule and Calendar.

What are the routines? How long are the routines?

Level 1

Crazy 8s – 30 minutes. “Hands in the air,” originally recorded by Timbaland

You got this – 43 minutes. “Treasure,” originally recorded by Bruno Mars

Level 2

Full Out – 34 minutes

“Lose my breath,” originally recorded by Destiny’s Child

In the Pocket – 37 minutes. “Problem,” originally recorded by Adriana Grande

Level 3

Go for it! – 40 minutes. “Pass that Dutch,” originally recorded by Missy Elliott

Livin in the 8s – 51 minutes. “Chandelier,” originally recorded by Sia


8 Count Abs – 8 minutes. “Headsprung,” originally recorded by LL Cool J


Cize Results!

Kaitlin M. lost 21 lbs. with CIZE and Shakeology and is in the best shape of her life!

cize results katilin lost 21 lbs

Melissa L.’s dramatic transformation from doing CIZE and drinking Shakeology. She lost 12 lbs.!

cize transformation melissa

Brian W. He lost 23 lbs. with CIZE and Shakeology!

cize weight loss brian

When you submit your CIZE results and get these free Cize it up! socks.


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