21 Day Fix Review

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21 Day Fix Review of Beachbody’s newest program released on Feb 3rd 2014.

This unique program has had people in the test group losing upwards of 10-15 lbs in 21 days. This will be different than anything you have ever seen before. Check out this 21 Day Fix Review for all the details and bonuses.

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21 Day Fix sneak peak

21 Day Fix Review

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix Review

Who is the 21 Day Fix Program for?

This unique program would be great for getting ready for a wedding, special occasion or vacation. It was designed for people of all fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 50+ lbs to lose.

What is 21 Day Fix?

The 21 Day Fix is simple fitness, simple eating and fast results. That’s the easiest way to sum it up for you. The program was designed to make losing weight and easy to follow. If you hate dieting.. don’t worry, you’ll never have to diet again with this program.

The program is easy to follow workouts that are combined with a unique portion-control system.

What kind of diet does it use?

You know that 70% of weight loss is determined by what you eat. The 21 Day Fix diet component consists of containers that are used to teach you how to control how much you eat. It’s fast, simple and pretty much fool proof. You won’t be wondering if you ate too much food. Calorie counting is extinct and apparently you can even have some wine.

What are the workouts like in the program?

Autumn Calabrese’s program has 7 different workouts that are each 30 minutes. These workouts can be done anywhere with little equipment. The workouts are simple so anyone at any fitness level will be able to get great results.

Workouts like upper body, lower body, cardio, cardio with weights, Pilates and yoga. There is something in there for every day to keep your body guessing, keep you from plateauing, and keep you from getting bored.
Here is a video of what the workout looks like in action.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is the newest Beachbody fitness trainer. She is a celebrity fitness trainer and national level bikini competitor. She has been helping people lose weight and get fit through consistent exercise and simple portion control.

In addition to being a fitness trainer, Autumn is also a single mom so she knows what it’s like having to get back into shape after pregnancy while limited on time.

21 Day Fix Results

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Get the 21 Day Fix with Bonuses

You can get a Free Bonus workout with the 21 Day fix as well as our special bonus when you follow these steps below.

Sign up for your FREE beachbody account here:  FREE ACCOUNT


It should say that your coach will be “Darren Letourneau”.

NOTE: If you already have a Beachbody account please contact me before ordering so you can get the bonuses.

Bonuses with Challenge Pack!

In addition to getting your free Plyo fix workout for ordering through a team beachbody coach we also give you:

  1. Free access to our online fitness group.

If you want ME to be your personal coach and access to our private group, make sure to double check the green box when you go to order. It should say “Darren Letourneau is your referring coach”. Make sure to also friend me on Facebook so I can add you to our exclusive fitness group.

Order your challenge pack here –> 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

If you are just looking for the program you can get it here –> 21 Day Fix Base Kit


Friend me on Facebook –> Darren Letourneau

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