21 Day Fix Extreme Q & A with Autumn Calabrese

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On our team call this week Autumn Calabrese was answering some questions about her new program that is being released on Monday February 2nd.

PROGRAM HAS BEEN RELEASED. Find out more here: Get 21 Day Fix Extreme here!

It’s the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Last year she introduced the world to the 21 Day Fix and within 2 days it was sold out and backordered for 2 weeks.

I expect that they will be ready for the launch this year with enough stock.

Autumn Calabrese 21 day fix extreme

This evil look is Intensity.

21 Day Fix Extreme Q & A with Autumn Calabrese

Here are the questions that were asked and answers by Autumn.

What is the difference between 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme?

The difference in the programs is the intensity both in the workouts and then nutrition plan. It has definitely been turned up a notch or three.

21 Day Fix was a program created for anybody and everybody whether you worked out before or not.

21 Day Fix Extreme is NOT a program for beginners. It’s for someone that already has a baseline of fitness or has already done the 21 day fix. It’s for people that don’t have a tonne of weight to lose, that are looking to get shredded. There is a no BS attitude to this program. You have to be ready, have your mind in the right place and be ready to go all in for the 21 days.

What are the workouts like?

The workouts are still 30 minutes but I’ve stepped the intensity up on them. There is still a modifier in the workouts, but that being said the modifier is still keeping it at the higher intensity level as well. There are weights in every workout, the Pilates uses a resistance band.

There is a plyo and leg day that do include higher impact moves but you still have the modifier if you want to take the modifier out and still get an intense workout.

There is still a yoga, Pilates and upper body day that have low impact as well.

What is the nutrition like?

The nutrition is more dialed in than the original program. It uses the same containers but the nutrition plan is more dialed in. There are 2 different nutrition plans in this program. The 21 day fix extreme eating plan that has removed the cheats (wine and chocolate is gone) but it’s only 21 days.

The countdown to competition plan is strict and more intense. You’ll see just how far you can take your body in 21 days. It’s a mindset that you have to be ready for. It’s what I do leading me up to the stage. It’s fun, it’s intense, you’re not going to starve on it, you’ll be eating a tonne.

Is the countdown to competition a mandatory piece or the regimen?

You can do either plan or even mix it up like starting with the extreme for 2 weeks and do the competition plan for the last week. We have a calendar in the program to show some different options of how to apply the eating plans depending on how intense you want to go.

What are your favourite days of the program that you like better than the rest?

Everybody knows I love my leg days, those are my favourite days to workout. I am really excited about the leg workouts, it’s a fantastic and brutal. The cardio extreme is pretty intense. I just like giving everybody a new challenge.

Where do you have to be in your fitness journey to start this program?

If you’ve done any of the other Beachbody programs. If you’ve done P90X, Insanity, T25 or 21 day fix will give you the baseline that you need to start this program. You don’t have to be at the very top in peak performance. The whole point of the program is to take you to that level. The biggest thing is to just make sure you have been exercising already.

It’s 21 days. You can do anything for 21 days. There is still a modifier. The workouts are only 30 minutes. Even if you don’t get through the full 30 minutes or have to follow the modifier for the entire first round. That’s fine! You have to start somewhere and build up.

If you are looking for a challenge and see just how far you can take your body in 21 days then this is the program to do it with.

The fun part of it is that it’s only a 21 day program and not a 60 or 90 day. The fun unique part is you are going extreme for 21 days and every single day you get to see a little bit of difference in your body , or you are using heavier weights, or you just get to give yourself a pat on the back because you stuck with your nutrition. Yes it’s hard but it did it today. Every week you are going to watch yourself change so at the end of 21 days  your like “Holly cow I’m a whole new person”. We have seen in coach test groups just how shredded they are and the bloat is gone, and I have had a few people say to me “well they were already in decent shape so should I really be excited?”. Absolutely! when someone is losing 6, 10, 12 lbs in 21 days THAT’S A BIG DEAL! When you are short on time and you have an event coming up, you are going on vacation, we’re getting ready to go to Mexico. It’s pretty AWESOME to think I don’t have to start this 60-90 days out. I can get focused for 21 days and be ready to go.

How much more dialed in is the eating plan?

We have changed up the food list a little bit, we’ve removed and added foods to the food list. Some of the foods on the 21 day fix aren’t the best and they go in a hierarchy so if you are eating from the top those are the best. Not choices you want to make every day. In the extreme we’ve taken those things out. We did add in more recipes since that’s what we’ve been asked for. There are more full recipes not just how to do a poached egg. There is a recipe for a new taco mix which I love.

A big part of the 21 day fix extreme is that you are prepared with your nutrition. You’ve done your grocery shopping and prepped your food for the week. so you can grab it and go because it is dialed in. It’s a little bit harder to say I’ll just get something at a restaurant.

The countdown to competition plan is very different than we do it in 21 day fix extreme. It’s a lot more strict and a lot more limited options.

It’s a results driven program in only 21 days.

Last Thoughts

I am so excited to put out this extreme plan. This is my new baby because competing and going extreme is a big deal for me and it is a huge part of my life. Seeing people excited about where they can take their health and where they can take their fitness.

This will be here February 2nd, 2015

Add and contact me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/darren.letourneau) and I’ll notify you as soon as it’s released.

PROGRAM HAS BEEN RELEASED. Find out more here: Get 21 Day Fix Extreme here!

Darren Letourneau

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