21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar Schedule

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The 21 Day Fix Extreme program has two weekly calendars with the program. One calendar is for those that got the basic kit and the other calendar is for those that have the ultimate kit.

21 Day Fix Extreme Calendar

The calendar is simply a one week calendar (as shown below).

You basically repeat this once calendar for 3 weeks in total to get 21 days.

For the basic kit follow the first calendar. If you have the ultimate kit you can follow the second calendar.

The first calendar doesn’t include the 10 min hardcore abs workout but you can add it in on the Tuesday and Thursday like the second calendar does.

21 day fix extreme calendar

21 Day Fix Extreme Schedule

The schedule includes 7 workouts each week. The workouts are around 30 minutes. Some of them are a couple minutes more to give time for a warmup/cooldown.

The schedule workouts include plyo, upper body, Pilates, Lower body, cardio, dirty 30, yoga and 10 min hardcore abs.

When you buy through your coach (me) you also get a challenge workout which is also 30 minutes (it’s pretty tough).

Workout Breakdown

Plyo Fix Extreme – Explosive lower body workout that uses jumping and resistance.

Upper Fix Extreme – A mix of multiple muscle groups including chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. You also get a little abs and core in here too.

Pilates Fix Extreme – This Pilates workout uses a resistance band for every exercise. You’ll get a full body workout with and emphasis on the core.

Lower Fix Extreme – This workout will hit yoru glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves to help you get stronger, leaner and more defined.

Cardio Fix Extreme – Cardio fix extreme includes weighted cardio moves along with metabolic training intervals to keep your heart soaring.

Dirty 30 Extreme – The workout includes 7 compound moves which means you are using multiple body parts at the same time. You’ll burn lots of calories all day long.

Yoga Fix Extreme – This is a fast paced yoga workout that combines strength, balance, power and flexibility.

10 Min Hardcore – An added bonus to help you get shredded abs. It adds to the intensity by using a dumbbell to help you carve out ripped abs.

Autumn Calabrese 21 day fix extreme

What equipment do I need for the 21 Day Fix Extreme Workouts?

The program requires that you have a light and heavy set of dumbbells as well as a resistance band.

For Women – They recommend using light set of 3-5 lbs and a heavy set that is 8-15 lbs.

For Men – For the light set 8-10 lbs and the heavy set 15-25.

It is also helpful to have a jump mat or cushioned surface for the jumping moves. Also nice to have a yoga mat for the Pilates, Yoga and Ab exercises.


For more info and to purchase the 21 Day Fix Extreme go here:


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