About Me

Hi I’m Darren Letourneau. Welcome to my website.

I’m a husband and father to 3 boys. I live in Niagara Falls ON Canada and lived here all my life. I’m an active family dad. My kids skate, play hockey, baseball, soccer and take swimming lessons. I did all of these as a kids as well and found that they are a fun way to challenge yourself and grow. I like vacationing to new places. I’ve been to Disney World and Mexico several times but would also like to explore other countries of the world. My most interesting vacation was to Indonesia where my wife grew up.

Growing up I was usually the quiet one that kind of blended into the background. I never said much and always had the excuse that I was shy because that’s what was said about me when I didn’t say anything. I’ve always found it easier to not say anything rather than have someone make fun of me because of something I’d say. I never really liked school simply because I would get picked on. I did have some friends but was always hesitant about what I said and whether someone would turn it around against me.

I’ve taken many courses at school and tried numerous jobs but never really found something that was a fit for me. I studied mechanical engineering at college and completed it only to realize that it wasn’t something I was really interested in. I probably should have gone into construction/architecture instead but for some reason chose mechanical. From there I went into hotel and restaurant management at college. I seemed like a fit because I have been working in the fast food environment for 8 years and I thought it would be something that I would like. I worked as a supervisor at a fast food restaurant followed by being a server at a resort and waiter in a restaurant (It wasn’t something that I became good at) and then decided to try out hotels. I worked at the front desk and night audit for different hotels over several years and worked my way up to supervisor. To me the most stressful part of the job was having to accommodate or deal with guest problems. Having to go to work every day wondering what people were going to criticize me/the hotel for wasn’t for me. I then moved on to an office job where I do repetitive work and use very little brain power.

After about 6 months I needed a new hobby or something to challenge me so I started looking into fitness programs and created websites with reviews. Most of the time this was just something to do on the side, learn something new and keep me from being bored.

I’ve worked out since I was 14 when I joined the rowing club in high school and from 17 on at the gym. At that time we didn’t have the internet so I was basically following what other people were doing, using machines or reading up on bodybuilding from Arnolds encyclopedia of bodybuilding. I was never a fan of cardio workouts and I’m still not. I worked out on and off at the gym for many years but could never stick to it. At one point I ended up getting up to 200 lbs and decided to make a change. I started watching how much I was eating and working out regularly. I set a goal and lost 34 lbs in 90 days.

I stuck with it for a while but slowly started to creep back into my bad habits or eating ice cream, cookies and Halloween candy. The stress of life and not eating the healthiest can really start to zap your energy. One day in the middle of the day I was driving into work and for what seemed like a second I closed my eyes and opened them with an airbag in my face on the other side of the road. Luckily for me no one got hurt but I still get to relive it each day I go down that street on my way to work. At some point your body just won’t be able to keep up with the stress you are putting in through in your day to day life. The stress may be from work, obligations you’ve committed to, not enough sleep, not eating properly, not getting the nutrients your body needs or lack of activity/exercise.

I’ve since found Beachbody, started eating healthier and was introduced to Shakeology. Beachbody has provided me with many friends that don’t judge me for who I am, accountability for nutrition and my workouts from those in the community, support from friends and influenced me to start reading personal development daily to learn more and improve myself.

Everyone has different obstacles that they have faced or are facing in their lives but the key is to find a support system of friends that you can share this with without being judged. I have found that with Beachbody. Everyone fits in even though we are all different. Everyone has the one common goal which is to “End the trend” of obesity and “live happier more fulfilling lives”.